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Supercharge Your Book Description

Supercharge Your Book Description

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Supercharge Your Book Description

81 pages
24 minutes
Feb 15, 2015


The key to a good formatted book description is knowing HTML coding tags.

Do you worry that you won’t have the time to learn complex code or may not understand it? Or that you may potentially mess up the perfect blurb that you bought? You are not alone. These reasons keep many authors from making their book descriptions stand out. Read on to see how this easy to follow guide will help you.

Building on my 15 years’ experience as a computer programmer and my 11 years as a technical scuba diving instructor, I have constructed this step-by-step book with you in mind. This book will take you by the hand and show you only the HTML tags you need to know. With this knowledge you can make your book description pop in under 1 hour.

This book is full of easy to use examples that you can use instantly. We start by going over the basic tags such as Paragraph, break line, bold, underline, italic and 6 header tags so you can quickly make easy but effective changes to your description. Then we go to sub scripting as well as super scripting tags, special characters such as these (∝, ∞, ∠, ∴, ∑, π, ¢, &, ©, ®, √) as well as numbered and un-numbered lists. This can easily set your book above your competitors’ books. From there we go to more advanced tags such as changing the font and color to inserting page breaks, strikeout and more to give your book description that professional look that will make people say yes I want this book.

This step-by-step guide teaches:

1: How to make your hook stand out with bold and header tags that can get 200 to 300% more customers to read the rest of the book description and buy your book.
2: How to use paragraph, underline, and break line tags to make your book description look better than 95% of your competitors in 1 hour or less.
3: How to use numbered and un-numbered list to quickly convey the main points of your book that could cut bounce rate down by 50% or more.
4: Easy to use examples code that you can use instantly with no coding experience needed.
5: How to instantly test your description in your web browser before releasing it. This can save embarrassing formatting errors from slipping through that could kill your sales.
6: You can use the same tags to enhance your website or blog posts to increase the amount of readers that click your links to buy your books.

The bottom line is that even with the best book description, if you don’t present it in an easy to read and good formatted way, you will lose sales.

If even one change you implement from this book increases your sales by one book a month, how much would that be worth to you? The price of a good cup of coffee? The price of this book?

Get Your Copy Now And Give Your Book The Best Chance To Sell

Feb 15, 2015

About the author

Adventurer and world traveler, Anton Swanepoel, hales originally from Pretoria, South Africa, but has called a number of exotic locations home. Educated as a software engineer, he worked for a large multinational company before deciding to travel the globe. Along life's journey, Anton became a skilled scuba diver and technical diving instructor, teaching for seven years while living in the Cayman Islands. His resume touts Tri-Mix instructor levels from multiple licensing agencies, and dive records over 400 feet.Mr. Swanepoel has always loved travel and writing. In the past several years he's combined these passions, authoring and publishing a host of books, sharing secrets he's learned along the way. When he's not exploring an underwater landscape or racing a motorcycle down a stretch of highway, you'll find Anton visiting world destinations and chronicling his experiences.Today, he is a fulltime globetrotter and writer, having penned instructional guides for diving and travel, as well as a pair of fictional novels. His excurtion titles are geared toward do-it-yourself travelers, who enjoy saving money and seeing the out-of-way places. His favorite destinations include, Machu Picchu, the mountains of Vietnam, and the Temples at Angkor Wat.

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Supercharge Your Book Description - Anton Swanepoel





By Anton Swanepoel

Copyright © 2015 Anton Swanepoel

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without the prior written permission of the author.

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Intended Audience

This book is intended for anyone that updates, product descriptions for their own, or someone else’s books on Amazon platforms, and have no coding experience. The code is for both Amazon Kindle and Createspace book descriptions. The code should work on other products as well, but have not been tested.

This book is a step-by-step crash course in HTML coding tags that Amazon Kindle book description pages recognizes. The book is condensed without the fluff and things you do not need to know, so as not to waste your time. Only the tags that Amazon servers recognize is covered. Unlike the product pages for physical stuff where you can upload pictures and link to external pages, you are very limited with what you can do in the book product pages, so you need to be a bit creative with what you have.

Each chapter deals with a specific way of getting something to display on your Amazon book product page. A short explanation of what the tag does is given, and then sample code that you can use as is with your words in. At points, pictures are given to further enhance understanding.

In a few minutes, you will be enhancing your book’s description to grab attention. Take that stunning header line that someone gave you, and make it jump

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