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The Venue Book: Keys To Conquering Country Music Booking

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"The Venue Book" is essentially the encyclopedia of country music venues. It boasts contact information for more than 3,500 venues nationwide. "The Venue Book" has venue listings for every state in the US, and D.C. Many venues have in depth information including capacity, a direct booking contact, and sometimes even the budget the venue has set aside for music.The book is laid out in an easy to read format that is time saving and efficient. “The Venue Book” also contains informational & educational articles to help anyone get started with booking; including booking email templates, examples of booking agreements, tips for negotiation, questions to advance a show, and more.While other venue resources are geared mostly toward other styles of Indie music such as rock, punk, and singer songwriters, “The Venue Book” is geared specifically toward Country Music. This book is an essential resource for any country music artist who is booking themselves, or for their team members. This is 2 years worth of research organized and condensed for you. "The Venue Book" is power at your fingertips!

Educational Articles Included In "The Venue Book":
General Tips, Booking Script, Negotiation, Questions For Advancing A Show, Putting Together A One-Sheet, Booking Email Template, and an example of a Booking Agreement.

Example Of A Venue Listing:
The 120 Tavern and Music Hall (Shows Fri-Sat)
Marietta, GA
(770) 509-3320
Jake (Booker)

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