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French Fries In The American Southwest

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As if growing up in the American Southwest in the 1970s wasn't difficult enough (what with the Freeway Killer, Son of Sam, and other serial murderers out trolling California highways looking for kids to kill and dumping their bodies out in the desert) two brothers decide to float around the Mojave attempting to see just how much trouble they can get in to – after loading up on french fries and extra salt.

This is a true story about how Tecopa Springs used to be, about how Baker, California used to be back when there were much fewer people living in Southern California. It's the story of how two High School-aged students hiked from muddy seep to muddy seep, starting fights in haunted fast food dives, and avoided getting their faces kicked in by irate fathers, crazed bikers, drugged-out hippies, and the rest of the non-mainstream men and women that climbed out of the daze of the 1960s and hit the road.

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