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The Essential Guide To Retirement Readiness: Finances • Health & Wellness • Relationships • Life Purpose

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Are you ready to get real about your retirement?
Today, retirement is a new beginning. Many Baby Boomers are healthier, wealthier and living longer than their parents. Yet while many plan financially for retirement, far fewer consider the social and psychological changes retirement will bring. As a result, some find themselves bored after a year or two of leisure or depressed because they feel lost without a new identity.
The Essential Guide to Retirement Readiness is your complete reference for thinking through this next phase of your life. You can use the thought-provoking questions and insights to help you consider the key areas for achieving an active and satisfying retirement, from health and family to life purpose and finances. In this comprehensive guide, you get:
• Expert instruction on saving for retirement and the steps to take to ensure your wealth outlives you.
• Advice on creating specific goals through the three stages of retirement based on how active you can and want to be.
• Tips for finding fun and fulfilling activities and even using the skills you’ve spent a lifetime developing.
• Ready-to-use financial planning worksheets, a resource guide, and more.

Daniel Roy, founder and CEO of Praxis Wealth Management, is a certified retirement coach and a certified financial planner with 28 years of experience. He is also a speaker and trainer on wealth management strategies and retirement planning.

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