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Just Enough Jesus: The 10 Elements Of Increase

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"Just Enough Jesus: The 10 Elements Of Increase" is a groundbreaking new book that is designed to help you stop settling for the cheap substitutes of life, and start investing in a journey that will catapult your life to an elevated level of faith, leadership and results. Jesus Enough Jesus takes an in-depth look into the leadership of Jesus and discovers 10 essential elements that, if applied, will bring radical increase to your life.

Just Enough Jesus is an impact book designed for those who are looking elevated results in the areas of faith, family and business. This is a wake up call to for everyone who are tired of sitting back and waiting for things to happen. The Just Enough Jesus model will empower you to step up in your faith and start making things work. Everyone has a desire for a more preferred future and Just Enough Jesus will help lead you there.

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