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How to Make Money on eBay - Beginner's Guide: How to Make Money on eBay, #1

How to Make Money on eBay - Beginner's Guide: How to Make Money on eBay, #1

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How to Make Money on eBay - Beginner's Guide: How to Make Money on eBay, #1

5/5 (2 ratings)
108 pages
1 hour
Nov 10, 2014


This book is for eBay NOVICES.

If you have eBay selling experience, this book may not be for you. Consider buying Books 2 and 3 in my Make Money on eBay series.

Are you looking to make some money on eBay?

Start your work-from-home business with as little as $0 money down!

Written by a long-term seller, pioneering eBay Powerseller and Top-Rated seller.

This book is based in reality. It will not cater to lofty dreams or of building castles in the air.

This basic guide takes the eBay novice by the hand with step-by-step instructions on how to set up your (US) eBay and Paypal accounts.

How to set up your titles and descriptions.
Tips to stay organized.
Customer service tips.
Shipping tips.

Nov 10, 2014

About the author

Self-Reliance -- One Step at a Time Get free e-books at Reliance on one job. Reliance on the agri-industrial food system. Are you ready to break free, take control and to rely on yourself? With a no-nonsense style,  Jill Bong draws from her own homesteading experiences and mistakes, and writes books focusing on maximizing output with minimal input to save you time and money. Jill was born and raised in a country with one of highest population densities in the world. Dreaming of chickens and fruit trees, she left the trappings of the big city and is setting up her homestead in an American town with a population of less than 300. Jill writes under the pen name Jill b. She is an author, entrepreneur, homesteader and is the co-inventor and co-founder of Chicken Armor (, an affordable, low maintenance chicken saddle. She has also written over a dozen books on homesteading and self-reliance. Jill has been mentioned/quoted in various publications including The Associated Press, The New York Times, The Denver Post and ABC News. She has written for various magazines including Countryside and Small Stock Journal, Molly Green, Farm Show Magazine and Backyard Poultry Magazine. She holds an Engineering degree from an Ivy League from a previous life. At its height, her previous homestead included over 100 chickens, geese and ducks, as well as cats, a dog, bees and a donkey named Elvis. She currently learning permaculture techniques to apply to her homestead in rural Oregon. Learn more by visiting her site

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Inside the book

Top quotes

  • If you want to start your bid at $0.99 but are not willing to sell at $0.99, you can specify the minimum price you are willing to sell at by setting a hidden “Reserve Price”. If the bids do not reach your Reserve price, the item does not sell.

  • If you have something to sell but are not sure what to price it at, you can use eBay’s auc- tion-style listing.

  • Once you have a business established through your state, you can apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) though the IRS (

  • You can consider including a story about the item, or why the item is appealing.

  • Clothes and shoes that are used but in good/excellent condition.

Book Preview

How to Make Money on eBay - Beginner's Guide - Jill b.

How To Make Money on eBay - Beginner’s Guide

Learn to Sell Online on eBay - From Setting Up Accounts to Selling Like a Pro

By Jill b.

© Copyright 2014

All Rights Reserved


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Table of Contents


Why Do YOU Want to Sell on eBay?

Start Small

Things You Will Need to Get Started

Setting Up Your Business Entity

Setting Up Your eBay and Paypal Accounts

Getting Started on Paypal

Paypal Bank Verification

Upgrading a Personal Account to a Business Account

Getting Started on eBay

Linking Your Paypal to Your eBay Account

Getting Some Feedback

Getting Your Feet Wet

Getting Organized

Finding Items at Home to Sell

Listing Your Item

Determining Item Category



Item Details

Listing Upgrades

Auction-Style or Fixed-Price?


Payments You’ll Accept

Shipping Charges - Who Pays?

Shipping Details

Handling Times

Return Policy

Confirm Your Listing!

Turbo Lister

Customer Service

Shipping Discounts

Non-Paying Bidders

SOLD! Now What?


Dealing with Feedback

Keeping Track of Your Sales

Things to Acquire As You Make Money

Looking for More Things to Sell

Keep an Eye on Your Profit Margins

Opening an eBay Store

Becoming a Powerseller/Top-Rated Seller

Grace Period


One Last Thing

About the Author


This book is a beginner’s guide to selling on eBay - it covers the basics of how to start to selling on eBay. It is written with the US-based seller in mind. If you have already sold a few items on eBay, please consider my other books which include hints, tips and insider secrets that I have acquired in my 16 years of selling full-time on eBay:

How to Make Money on eBay: Maximize Profits

Secrets, Stories, Tips and Hacks - Confessions of a 16-Year eBay Veteran

How to Make Money on eBay: International Sales

Taking the Fear and Guesswork Out of Doing Business Internationally on eBay


Available on different digital platforms at:

Why Do YOU Want to Sell on eBay?

Before you start on eBay, you have to ask yourself why you want to sell on eBay. Only you can answer this question for yourself.

Do you want to sell on eBay to just get rid of some items lying around the house?

Are you a stay-at-home parent looking to make some extra money from home?

Are you hoping that selling on eBay will allow you to quit your job?

Are you looking for an income source that will allow you to travel the world?

Are you looking to get rich from selling on eBay?

There is no wrong answer. However, it will help to know the path you need to take to reach your goal. The goals may change but that’s ok! When I started selling on eBay in my dorm room in 1998, I was just looking to make some extra money while attending college. At that time, I never dreamed that selling part-time for the next two years (while in college), would pay for those two years of college tuition. I never thought at that time, that I would end up selling on eBay (and later on Amazon and Etsy) full time for the next 16 years. I never imagined that it would pay for or partially subsidize my travels around the world.

As with any business, there will be ups and downs. There will always be things like the economy that you cannot control. Can you get rich selling on eBay? Of course it is possible. However, I will not promise you that you will get rich - I simply cannot. Treat anyone that makes such wild claims with suspicion.

Past performance is never a guarantee of future performance. Something that sells well today may not sell at all tomorrow. Can you make money on eBay? My answer is a definitive YES! YES! YES! But... you have to be careful with your costs. How much money you can make will depend on how long you want to stick with it - looking for items, listing, packing and shipping all take time and follow-through. Earning a reputation takes time.

Figuring out your goals will also help

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