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The Magic Bullets: Suzi B. Mystery #5

129 pages1 hour


Gene Grossman, author of the popular 15-book series of Peter Sharp Legal Mysteries is also known for his fondness for the 'locked-room' mystery genre, and this time presents us with a new version: the 'locked-drawer' mystery.

This is the 5th book featuring attorney Peter Sharp's 13-year-old legal ward Suzi, who once again is using her superior intellect and computer skills to try and find out how several murders could have been committed with a gun that absolutely could not have been used in the shootings.

Once again Suzi puts her knowledge about ballistics to use - the things she learned in Peter Sharp Legal Mystery #5 - ...Until Proven Innocent, when she helped her legal guardian Peter Sharp gain acquittal for his client.

She must have done a good job in that case, because that story was awarded a Global eBook First Prize in the Mystery Category... and you may feel the same way about this adventure of hers when she shows off her talents of deduction at a final 'show-down' dinner on Peter's law firm's yacht.

If you enjoy matching wits with a 13-year-old, you will enjoy this book as much as the many young readers have.

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