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For Hire

214 pages3 hours


That’s one word Clara uses to describe the indecent proposal she receives: $25,000 to seduce hot new coffee shop owner Jack Roberts.
The problem?
One: although she hasn’t lived there long, she’s a respected member of their small town. Two: it’s only been a year since her marriage ended. Three: she’s thirty-one, much too old for Jack’s twenty-four years.
Before Clara can reject the outlandish offer, she finds herself the one being seduced by the much younger and oh-so-arrogantly gorgeous man. Even worse, she’s enjoying it....a lot.
The problem?
To have a relationship with Jack, Clara will have to abide by the saying, “age is just a number.” But will Jack be so accepting when he learns about the indecent proposal that brought Clara into his life?

This book is approximately 52,000 words long and intended for readers 18 years and older.

The Southern Gents Series:
Fore Hire: Book 1
For Keeps: Book 2
For Ever: Book 3

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