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A Warrior's Quest: Dardanos: The Laquazzeana, #1

204 pages4 hours


She was going to die. 

Aureliana Adrastos knew it, and would meet that death face-to-face, sword in hand. 

That was one reason why she’d kept the knowledge that she’d found her mate to herself. The grief for the life they would never have together nearly crippled her. What purpose would it serve to tell him? 

It would only cause them both far more pain than Aureliana could ever hope to endure… 

Ren, prince of all warrior demons, wanted the fiery Dardaptoan female for his own, and she wanted him, too. So why was the bravest female he’d ever known running from him? 

He’d followed her anywhere; honor demanded it. He would stop at nothing to have her—or to keep her safe. Nothing would stand between them.

Not even the warrior girl herself…

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