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The Blood Hunter: Dardanos, #1

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Cormac Jareth's family had suffered like no others at the hands of Leo Taniss. With nearly two thousand dead at the human's hands, Cormac was the one who'd failed to stop him.

Now it was time Cormac got the vengeance his people deserved.

Josey Taniss had been at the top of her class in medical school. She'd studied hard, and knew she'd earned her position as head of Taniss Industries' Research & Development department.

Her path was clear until she learned her grandfather was stealing from the company she loved. Embezzlement wasn't his only crime—innocent people had died at her grandfather's hands.

Innocent vampires.

Cormac took one look at his intended victim and knew the goddess had screwed him over even further.  In an instant, Jocelyn had become his world. The quiet human woman was the mate he'd waited centuries to find…

Now he had to convince her that she wanted to stay with the vampire who'd yanked her from her home and family before an even deadlier enemy took her from Cormac forever…

**Formerly titled Live or Die***

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