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Forlorn: Dardanos: The Adrastos, #2

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Human or vampire? She didn't know what she was...

Humanities grad student Mara Garnier was human. Or so she had always thought. Her mother had denied her the knowledge that she was half Dardaptoan vampire and half Lupoiux werewolf. Until a big man showed up at the door with news that her entire life had been a lie.

War was coming, and she would be an easy target.

When her family had to flee Colorado for safety of the demon world, Mara wanted to fight. To hide. To cling to the life she had always known.

With two younger brothers and her mother needing her, she had no real choice. They were all the family she had.

The demon world was like nothing she had ever seen before—and it wasn't exactly welcoming to a half-breed Dardaptoan vampire and Lupoiux werewolf like Mara. Not with curses and flying demons attacking.

One came dangerously close to grabbing Mara and devouring her.

But a Dardaptoan vampire was there to rescue her…

Warrior. Scholar. Lover…

Rion Adrastos was all three. When the demon city was attacked, he saw a lone female in the midst of the battle. As an Adrastos warrior it was his duty to protect her.

When he got closer, he realized it would be his duty—and right—for the rest of his days. The vulnerable female in his arms was the mate he'd waited hundreds of years to find.

He would not lose her now…

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