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The Blood Warrior: Dardanos, #3

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Vampires didn't exist, but human monsters did—and Mallory Taniss was going to protect her sisters from those monsters.

They would not be victims like she had been.

Aodhan Adrastos was the strongest warrior of his vampiric race, sent to stop a human sociopath from targeting his people again. Aodhan had a plan for vengeance that would end the threat to his Kind and avenge the two thousand dead at Taniss hands.

But instead of the human responsible for the deaths of thousands of Aodhan's Kind, there was a mere human woman.

The killer's granddaughter.

Vulnerable, beautiful and frightened. Ready to defend her family from him.

Aodhan knew with one taste that the impossible had happened—this human female was the mate destined for him from the moment of his birth.

Aodhan wasn't about to leave the mate he'd waited centuries before behind, not now that he'd finally found her…

(Formerly The Warrior's Woman)

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