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Outcast: Dardanos: The Adrastos, #1

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The war was getting closer.

Havalana Amyenka's small band of Dardaptoan refugees had no choice. No more hiding in the Russian wilderness. Lana knew a mass relocation of the Dardaptoan people to the demon world of Relaklonos would bring her far too close to the half-brother who had almost killed her—and had already murdered Lana's mate before she had ever had a chance to be with him.

She grieved her mate every day, but her people needed her to be strong.

Marcos Adrastos was a warrior, and one of the best the Dardaptoan Kind had ever seen. But this war had come to him. A relocation of his band of warriors to the demon world was exactly what he needed. He would fight to defend his people, and his goddess, from the encroaching evil. No matter what the cost.

He would embrace that adventure as only an Adrastos Warrior could…yet Marcos wasn't prepared for the small redheaded female who looked at him and claimed him as the mate she'd thought murdered years ago…

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