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Portal To Elysium

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Chris Newell's father has just died and he feels nothing--no sadness, anger or remorse--and it gnaws at him. He shares his confusion with his girlfriend Lauren who urges him to begin a quest to find out why. As a consequence Chris meets Annie, a mesmerizing female motorcycle mechanic who claims she can answer his questions about the afterlife...but with strict conditions. A scowling watchful neighbor and a mysteriously absent love interest deter Chris from pursuing a growing attraction for Annie while he struggles to save his budding romance with Lauren.

As relationships begin to implode Annie becomes convinced Chris is suppressing a memory; one so traumatic that it is hampering his ability to give himself fully to another. A journey cloaked in secrecy leads Chris to a mystical place where at last he can confront the unknown demon controlling his life...and also Annie's.

Portal To Elysium is an unusual mixture of romance, mystery and heavenly fantasy. Though the book uses the concepts of heaven and the afterlife as a basis for the story it should be noted it is NOT Christian fiction. Instead, it offers a paranormal alternative to the afterlife most readers should find inoffensive.

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