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Until Never

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Cashier Trainer Keva Taylor never thought she’d see the end of her twenty year marriage. True, it was over at the altar, but still.  She’d thought she’d never get her twenty-year-old daughter to attend college.  She’d thought she’d never have to say goodbye to her boss. And she’d never thought she’d find love at work of all places. On each count she was wrong.  Dead wrong.

After her divorce is final, Keva doesn’t have time to wallow in her new single status long. Her boss is found dead in the store’s freezer, and mysterious warehouse orders keep appearing.  The now new store manager is at a loss and needs her help.  As she begins to dig into the mystery of the orders, she learns about the boss she didn’t know.  She also believes that her boss was murdered.

Newly divorced Scott Collins thought the move from Culver City, California to Shamrock Springs is the just the opportunity he was looking for.  But since landing in the small affluent town, his new job as a manager trainee has been one surprise after another.  Now with his boss dead and little guidance, he has to turn to Keva for help. 

Keva’s knowledge of store procedures puzzles Scott, but one look into her brown eyes, the last thing on his mind is business.   Scott finds himself doing just about anything to spend time with her including offering to drive her to her exercise class.

Scott soon opens up a whole new world to Keva.  She finds herself anxiously awaiting the next time they’re alone.  Keva loves the attention Scott is showing. But does she dare trust her instincts when passion starts to invade her thought process?  

Keva is determined to prove that her good friend was murdered, but the police wouldn’t give her the time of day and dismiss her thoughts of murder.  It was up to her to prove that someone ended her boss’s life early and she was just the woman to do it.

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