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Jamen's Yuletide Bride: Fairelle, #2.5

187 pages2 hours


To win back her heart, he must get her to forgive him for breaking it in the first place.

Three years ago, Lord Jamen Gwyn's life was turned upside down when a mysterious woman showed up at Gwyn Manor and told him and his six brothers that they were destined to become Vampire Slayers. Afraid for the safety of his fiancé Scarlet, he broke off their engagement, tearing both of their hearts to pieces.

Scarlet Mason's reputation and life were ruined by the actions of Jamen Gwyn. Since then she has spent years working tirelessly with the help of her, Aunt Eliza, to rebuild who she is. Now engaged to the son of a wealthy merchant, Scarlet should be happy with her new life, but one thing is missing. The man her heart refuses to forget- Jamen.

When Jamen arrives at the engagement celebration Scarlet's world is once again upended as she must choose between her duty to her Aunt and following her heart. But the decision isn't that simple. In Jamen's family's absence, someone has put into motion a plot not only to take over Westfall, but to get rid of the Gwyn Lords for good. And once again Jamen finds keeping Scarlet safe takes precedence over his own desires for happiness.

Paranormal Romance Guild's 2014 award for Best Fantasy Series.

*****5 Stars - Wow, this was one exciting ride and you just didn't know where you were going to get off.
*****5 Stars - Can't wait to get my hands on the next one!
*****5 Stars - From the first page I couldn't put down the book.

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