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How to Recover in Debtors Anonymous (Whether You're in that Program or Not): A Primer

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You don’t have to be in debt any more.

Really, you don’t.

If you’re in trouble with debt, feel pressured by it, have seen your relationships become strained because of it, then you probably want this very simple Primer on how to end all that.

Or maybe you’re tired of always having some amount of debt hanging around your neck, dragging you down, pulling money out of your wallet or bank account every month.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can get free of all that for good, the same way people in Debtors Anonymous do. Whether you’re a member of DA or not. 

This 8000-word Primer—short, simple, direct, easy to read—will show you exactly how. 

It’s how I got out of debt myself (along with a great many others) and how I (and they) have managed not to rack up any more of it for years, decades even.

I think you’ll like doing this. I think you’ll enjoy the relief—and the freedom.

I hope so. Godspeed.

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