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Correctional Nurse Legal Briefs: Important Information to Keep You Out of Court!

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Possibly more than any other nursing specialty, correctional nursing practice is lawsuit-prone. Our patient population, already in the criminal justice system, frequently seeks legal action when they feel they have not received rightful healthcare. Nurses working in the correctional setting have all the same accountability for delivering and documenting care as those working in traditional settings, along with some unique risks and liabilities that need attention. Correctional nurses must be acutely aware of malpractice and negligence concerns along with specific constitutional and civil rights issues related to the incarcerated patient.

By reading this book you will be able to
*List common areas of nursing malpractice as they relate to the correctional nursing specialty.
*Differentiate malpractice legal claims from constitutional and civil rights claims in correctional health care.
*Outline methods for delivering quality nursing care to avoid legal challenges to practice.

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