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Increasing Internal Energy: How to Invigorate Your Daily Life and Enhance Your Yoga Practice

109 pages1 hour


When we have an enhanced capacity to access and utilize this natural Pranic energy force, we are able to embody all of it's qualities within us which enhances our lives and helps us to deal with, process, and overcome fears and difficulties that may be limiting our development. With greater Pranic energy available to us, we can increase our healing capacity, enhance mental functions, and awaken ourselves to a deeper spiritual experience.

As human beings, we have the greatest energetic force all around us, waiting to be awoken. This book will help you establish a greater relationship with this energetic force on an intellectual, practical, and experiential level allowing us to tap into this energy and awaken our next stage of empowerment.

In this book you will learn:
- How to add more internal power to your yoga practice
- How to do "Power Moves" to boost your energy reserves
- How Prana moves in the Human Being
- The innate qualities of Prana
- and much more...

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