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The Book Marketing Guidebook

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How to Market Your Book – GET READY TO BE AMAZED; THIS BOOK IS PURE PLATNIUM. The Book Marketing Guidebook contains many if not most of, LLC's marketing and advertising programs that it uses to market and promote its over 40,000 books in its inventory and over 1,000 of its contract authors. ePubWealth is an international full service publishing house that also assists self-published indie authors market and promote their books by teaching and demonstrating their techniques and programs. This book will show you which ePublishing platforms that you should be published on and the best ways to market and promote your books. This book describes everything ePubWealth does within the realm of epublishing and is designed to demonstrate everything from how to promote your book, how to market your book, how to publicize your book, how to promote your book online, ways to promote your book to group buyers, self publishing techniques, and how to sell your book. This book is dedicated to the promotion and advertising of any ebook or printed book. The author, Dr. Treat Preston, uses all of the techniques described in this book. There are almost 250-pages of techniques and programs with over 2000 resource links listed. Without a doubt, The Book Marketing Guidebook is the most complete compendium of book marketing strategies ever compiled. Written by bestselling author Dr. Treat Preston, he has left no stone unturned in describing all of the ePubWealth marketing and promotional programs that have been tried and proven. Dr. Preston offers a special one-on-one mentoring program called the Over-The-Top Promos Program with a separate and complete workbook included with over 160 special resource links designed for serious and committed authors who want to take their publishing business to the next level. If you are an author and writer, you need to add this book to your personal marketing and advertising library. There is nothing like this published on the web today. Success is just a click away. Order your copy NOW!

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