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You're Gonna Make It: The Indispensable Guide for a Woman Facing Divorce

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Jon Kagan has written a compelling guide for any woman facing divorce. You're scared. You don’t know about the process you’ve been thrust into. The fear comes from a sense of chaos and helplessness. It's okay, you’re not alone anymore. YOU’RE GONNA MAKE IT will help you gain a thorough understanding of the divorce process, the players involved, and the terminology. You'll learn how to select an attorney, the role of the mediator, and when a therapist might be helpful. You’ll learn how to take a financial assessment of your current situation, how to project what your future financial reality could look like, and when and how to seek a financial professional for guidance. You'll view the process through the case of Nancy and Mark, a fictional couple married for 32 years before an infidelity brought an end to their marriage. You’ll follow Nancy from the initial shock, to her ultimate resolution and rebirth. Along the way, you'll hear from real women who have successfully emerged on the other side and are enjoying the next chapter of a very fulfilling life. Jon was compelled to write this guide after years of helping women through their own unique journeys. They came from all stages of life, but all had the same question. "Will I be okay?" This book will not only answer that question, it will be a tremendous resource throughout the process, referenced before, during, and after you’ve made it successfully to the other side.

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