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Blank: Threads: A Lincoln Delabar Action Adventure Thriller, #2

Length: 447 pages6 hours


8 years. 

A lifetime.

For Lincoln Delabar, it had been a lifetime wasted. The teenager he had been was now a grown man. Older. Wiser. But a lesser man just the same. Something was missing and it festered like a splinter in his mind. 

He had to find her. So, when a part of his past found him—a part he never knew existed—he discovered what he’d been searching for had always been right there. Staring back at him. Like a Blank face. 

He was propelled into a world that would change his life forever. The violence in him had surfaced again and threatened to rule him. He’d let it in. He had to. He could control it. 

Or could he?

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