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Midnight Blue 2.0

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Gordon Schell quit his job - fourth time in six years - and his diminutive but voluptuous Mexican-American wife, Rosita, is angry. She’ll have to wait tables to provide for the family of five and she hates that. When Gordon finds work just days later, instead of starting his new employment he’s arrested for murder. A witness identified his mug as the suspect seen leaving the victim’s house around the time of her death. Complicating matters further, Gordon denies knowing the victim, Darcy Rowland, even though he has been in her house before. What is Gordon hiding?

Tried, convicted and sentenced to death, Gordon has a date with the executioner. His new attorney, Manny Rodriguez, and the private investigator must race to discover enough evidence which points to the real killer to convince the governor to order a stay. Knowing he will die soon, Gordon tells Rosita that he will be back for her, but only if she tells him from her own lips that she still believes in him. Before she says it, the guards haul Gordon away. Does he meet his executioner? And, if so, did he hear her? Can Gordon really come back for the only woman he ever loved?

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