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Nonviolence and the New Testament

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In a world increasingly seen as dangerous, hostile, and violent, which threatens entire communities and nations, this question grows in importance. So does the answer. What are Christians to do? What does it look like to live out the way of the cross, the way of Jesus, in the age of ISIS and drone strikes?

In many ways our world is similar to the world into which Jesus stepped, a world of empires, violence, occupation, oppression, vengeance, and injustice. The realities of their world did not stop Jesus or the early Christians from dampening their call to nonviolent living, and as Adam Taylor Ross shows in this book, it should not dampen ours either.

Tracing out the rich tapestry of the Christian Scriptures in their first-century context, *Nonviolence and the New Testament* reveals that nonviolence - and the call to love our neighbors and our enemies - does not lie on the margins of Christian ethics and theology, but at the beating heart of the gospel, the gospels, and the very character of the God we worship.

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