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The Summer Wind : A Novel

Length: 135 pages1 hour


Summer… A time for renewal, relaxation, and fun- especially fun. This is what Mandy is looking forward to after a complicated time of changes and drama stressing her out. No school, no guys, and no worries sounds like just what she needs to recover and start a fresh chapter in her life. With a close group of awesome best friends at her side and a newly-found freedom, Mandy is certainly looking forward to winding down and just focusing on herself.

As soon as summer begins, though, it seems fate has other plans- a mysterious, attractive newcomer, an old “mistake”, and one bold admission by a close friend rock the waters of the smooth sail through the carefree summer Mandy so desperately needs. Faced with difficult truths and emotional tug-of-wars, Mandy is finding it difficult to navigate the choppy waters of her life and keep herself afloat

Will she be able to cope with everything coming her way, or will the picture-perfect summer she wanted come crashing down around her?

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