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Afterburn: The American Geological Survey, #1

457 pages9 hours


Loner.Bad Girl.Secret Agent.

In this mystery thriller Vallon Drake, investigator and agent of the ultra-secret American Geological Survey, finds her latest partner entombed in the wall of a parking garage that didn’t exist just a few hours earlier. 

The AGS, an arm of Homeland Security, protects America from supernatural terrorists and the psychic population who can use magic to change the landscape with a stroke of the pen.

Borders? They mean nothing.

Earthquakes? They can cause them.

Mountains? They can erase them, too.

With the police eyeing Vallon as a suspect in her partner’s murder and Homeland Security dubbing Vallon a potential rogue agent, she must investigate the mystery of a string of agent murders on her own. When a mysterious, sexy ‘warlock’ with exceptional psychic powers gets in the way of her investigation she accepts his help to unravel clues to the crime—and her past.

The alternative? Leave an uncontrollable dark power to destroy Seattle.

“An exciting and original addition to the urban fantasy genre.” Adrian Phoenix, author of the Maker’s Song Series.

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