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Professing Desire 3: The Break

Length: 61 pages56 minutes


After a dreadful vacation spent worrying about her relationship with Stone, Cassie returns to the City scared that Stone might be in a relationship with Sabrina. As she tries to understand his feelings, he remains as mysterious as ever; and their relationship soon hits a crisis point.


“You’ve been ignoring me.” He paused. “I don’t like that.”

His scruff was thick around his chin. He definitely hadn’t shaved in several days. Basically, he looked busted. Probably too many late nights with Sabrina.

“I thought you’d be busy,” I said, hearing the sarcasm edge into my voice. “You know. With Sabrina.”

The name felt like a little bomb going off in my mouth. I had absolutely no right to say it and absolutely no ability not to. I wanted him to say right then—there amongst the asbestos pipes—that they weren’t a couple. “I don’t love her”: that’s what I wanted to hear him say.



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