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Only Fate Is Written

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"Only Fate Is Written" is a compendium of 32 short stories by CB Barrie which challenge precepts, belief and expectation.

These stories, parables and anecdotes are either counter-intuitive or logically inconsistent and, in that respect, thought provoking. Some are humorous, yet insightful. Some ask an unanswerable question, others will converge to an unforeseen and surprising outcome. Each title tends to be unpredictable and has a somewhat satisfying, and in some senses edifying, conclusion. In short, they are ideal entertainment for reflective readers looking to enrich their perspective on life.

The stories in Only Fate Is Written are primarily independent, though some are sufficiently related to be treated as thematic. Those delving into the pages of Only Fate Is Written will feel the inescapable hand of fate as it influences all man's activities.

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