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The Truth About Federal Anti-Hoarding Laws

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Hoarding - The Truth About Federal Anti-Hoarding Laws became a best seller when the world economy went into a tail-spin. Somehow the federal Government looks upon citizens that put away for a rainy day as some type of demented and sick hoarders you see on some reality TV show. Those people suffer from a hoarding disorder, even a hoarding mental illness as displayed in compulsive hoarding. This book is not about people that suffer from compulsive hoarding or even about the resulting hoarding clutter. This book is about prudent people that are preparing for any disaster/crisis by putting aside needed goods, water, fuel, and survival gear. I will not discuss the signs of hoarding or the psychology of hoarding that causes people to hoard uncontrollably. The average American has no idea that the US Federal Government, under the law, can come into your home and/or business and seize any goods and products stored for any disaster/crisis. It is all explained in this eye-opening book just how Big Brother cares little about you and your family. Written by the founder of and the creator of the “Be Prepared to Survive” Program, it is important to know how to protect yourself during a disaster and crisis as well as the antics of the US Federal Government. Plan for the worst but hope for the best! You need to read this book so you too can Be Prepared to Survive!

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