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Bilaal and the Giant Tree

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Bilaal and the Giant Tree is a book comprising of three short stories with an Islamic moral. It's about a young Muslim boy named Bilaal and Sparkles, his cat.
Everyday lessons are made fun and easy with his best friend around!

So if you are a parent trying to find Islamic books for kids that are engaging and teach Islamic values such as green living through recycling and saving water, your children will love Bilaal in these short stories!

***What readers have said about the book***

"I just loved these stories. In an age where it's difficult to find literature which not only is stimulating, but also positively influences children's impressionable minds, writers like Yousuf bring a refreshing change with stories that consciously carry a valuable lesson that the child can take away. Perfect for parents who are looking to teach their children character - through a character!" - A.R Samuel

"I like the morale conveyed in all the three stories. Children love imagination and repetitive words with good flow in a story and I thought that you could improve in these area. You certainly have a talent to write and you will only get better from now. I hope to see many more of your books in the future." - Aida S Cameron

***About the Author***

Tasneem Yousuf is a young stay-at-home mum of two, who got her inspiration to write from her two young nephews and first born son, who all have an insatiable appetite for stories!

Simple. Down to earth. Nature lover. Conservationist.
All traits that she would love for her children.

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