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We Dream of the Perfect But Live in the Flawed

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We Dream of the Perfect But Live in the Flawed: It is far easier to limit our examining of life’s missing keys to easy, comfortable places is a compelling book that goes to the heart of the human condition; a condition of attempting to understand why we seemingly only look to solve our problems in comfortable places and in these places, there are no answers. It is in the darkness where the answers reside and this book addresses life application, problem solving, problem solving strategies, problem of pain, problem based learning, letting go of the past and letting go of anger. It takes the reader on an adventure into their mind, demonstrating that what they seek – the answer to many of life’s dilemmas – is an easy task once you know where to find the answers. We are what we are in the dark; all the rest is reputation. What God looks at is what we are in the dark-the imaginations of our minds; the thoughts of our heart; the habits of our bodies, these are the things that mark us in God’s sight. Dr. Harry Jay is a behavior scientist at Applied Mind Sciences and has written numerous books on life application. His studies of the human mind and why you do the things you do are freely offered to his readers. This is a must read book and it is an adventure into the mind you will not soon forget.

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