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Out of the Box or Inside the Book?
Companies brag about their latest product being the result of "thinking out of the box." Doing something that common "inside-the-box" thinking would not allow them to do. They pat themselves on the back for this creative achievement. For them, "thinking out of the box" is profitable.
Sadly, "out of the box" thinking – when it comes to the Holy Bible, God's love letter to us; with answers to key questions: Where did we come from? Who created our world and the universe? And how was it created? – has become a global epidemic.
Fewer of us in today's world look for answers "Inside the Book" as we've sold out to the "scientific" approach of today. It is an approach, in our opinion, that has lost the objective search for truth to which the founders of scientific fields adhered. Today if scientists and scholars express that objectivity – and hold to traditional Biblical-based beliefs in Creation Ex Nihilo – they are criticized and sometimes fired.
It's to the point where if we do not bow to the dictates of what I call "shallow science," we are scorned.
"The Bible is true word for word and cover to cover."
Russ Miller, Creation, Evolution & Science Ministries
The problem with the "scientific" approach of today, we constrain science to have a naturalistic foundation, but eliminate the possibility of finding truth because the truth may be a supernatural explanation. To find the entire truth, we must take off all constraints.
In the process of finding the correct interpretation, we take the whole Bible – Genesis to Revelation – into account in coming to an understanding and correct interpretation of what is written.
We read and reread as well as meditate upon the scriptures and continue to grow in the Word. What we believe the scriptures are saying might be different than what we thought two years ago. As we grow in the Lord, we are allowed to change our mind.
The Bible is a living book, and Jesus is the Life. He gives us the Holy Spirit so that we can read the Book and understand the Book.
Let's try to live "Inside the Book" as much as we can.
Suzanne Sawyer Vincent, author and Jim Dobkins, publisher

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