Baby Bubbles and the Rainbows

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Baby Bubbles and the Rainbows

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Baby Bubbles loves Rainbows. She sees them everywhere. Can you see them too?
There was once a little girl called Sue who loved words and telling stories, and who dreamed of becoming a writer. She grew up and her life took a different path, but she still made up stories for her children. One of those stories lay unloved in a cupboard for 25 years.
Meanwhile, in another part of the world and many years later, there was another little girl called Camille who was madly in love with stationary and art materials, and who had a passion for drawing and making things. When this little girl became a grown-up she decided to carry on imagining and creating, and to make people smile, so she became an illustrator.
One day, quite by chance, the story-teller met the illustrator, and Baby Bubbles was born. Explore her delightful world with your pre-school child, and help her and them to learn about colours, and to find rainbows in all sorts of unexpected places.
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