The Observer - Trilogy -: The Brave Ulysses

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The Observer - Trilogy -: The Brave Ulysses

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The Brave Ulysses is the final piece of the puzzle in The Observer Trilogy.
Protagonist Professor Michael Hart, has found his way inside another universe. One where he has immeasurable power. He uses his ethereal knowledge to fight the evil order controlling the U.S. government.
He learns of the origin of mankind, and why the human race was built.
He channels knowledge regarding the Nephilim. Mankind's bio-creators. His revelations rewrite the pages of human history. A tale so bizarre, the man in the street will not be able to comprehend it.
Michael Hart, and fellow protagonist, Dr. Paul Navarro, prove themselves to be unique intellectuals. The two most avante-garde researchers of their time. Their journeys into a hidden realm, bring to light, the truth of the evil that is leading the world to destruction.
Their quest for human salvation takes up, where grail knight, Dr. Rudolf Steiner left off.
Michael Hart does battle in the skies over the Kennedy Launch Center. With the same evil menace that Steiner struggled with decades earlier.
Devil's advocate, Siegfried Otto Borsch, is unable to stop Hart from getting his message to a crowd of onlookers and network news cameras at the launch of Apollo 13. Borsch demonstrates his hidden power. He retaliates with air-to-air interceptors.
Hart's attempt to have the ill-fated mission scrubbed, comes to a fiery end. His light plane is shot out of the sky by heavily armed Harrier jet fighters. Media links are overridden. Eye-witnesses are detained and forced to sign the official secrets act.
Hart narrowly cheats death, to fight another day. He realizes his victory was hollow. The launch went ahead, despite his best effort. He knows he rattled the cage of the evil Borsch. He retreats into hiding.
For the rest of his life, Hart will be on the devil's radar. With a search and destroy order hanging over his head.
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