Answers to Our Everyday Questions: Volume One

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Answers to Our Everyday Questions: Volume One

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Are you facing a difficult time in your life and all you seem to be filled with are questions that have no answers? In “Answers to Our Everyday Questions,” you will find 35 questions and answers that are answered in devotional form. Within each of the 35 devotions, you will receive a Bible reading that is based on each question, along with quotes and finally...the answer to the question, which are short and to the point devotions.

Come and truly experience a book that can replace discouragement and deep, dark moments of despair, with Biblical answers that can help us to connect more deeply with God, rather than the problems and questions we face in life.

“Answers to Our Everyday Questions” can be read as daily devotionals or daily readings and will become one of the best inspirational books; that will help you to discover biblical answers that will keep your mind and heart free, from the questions that Satan attempts to use, as a means of keeping us in bondage.

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