A Spell, A Prayer, & A Wish: Prequel of The End of Fate Trilogy

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A Spell, A Prayer, & A Wish: Prequel of The End of Fate Trilogy

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In A Spell, A Prayer, & A Wish we are introduced to Marwan, a soul that’s about to embark on a voyage through many lifetimes. The prequel to The End of Fate trilogy is an exciting story all in its own, captivating the reader to keep turning page after page. A Spell, A Prayer, & A Wish is the enigmatic introduction, which sets the stage of the trilogy with adventure, curiousness, and magic. We meet a fortuneteller from another land, a goddess from the spirit world, a savage witch and many others from Marwan’s future lives who all try to find Marwan as he begins this journey. Marwan finds that he must look within and discover the inner, authentic self, rather than rely on outward appearances in order to complete his soul’s transformation. Once this transition is set into motion, he begins to look like the memorable Rowan from The End of Fate: Shadows’ Light.

The End of Fate Trilogy offers a gripping, well-written tale, based on timeless ideas that are set in an unforgettable situation. Parker Hennegan adds color to this bestselling formula, hinting at a few universal lessons while captivating readers and keeping them turning the pages. He cleverly interweaves the characters’ lifetimes and illuminates human nature through cycles of reincarnation, discovering meaning and progress in otherwise hopeless situations. In A Spell, A Prayer, & A Wish, the prequel to The End of Fate Trilogy, he introduces us to an ancient land as the foundation of a long road through many times.

“Making him look weaker does not make you look any stronger—not to anyone else. Instead, it makes you seem lost inside. Are you?” From the very first pages, Marwan is confronted with questions and situations that cause him to reflect into the deeper mysteries of life and the nature of humanity. “...the real moments of life—they are the moments when you first visualize an idea or experience. This reality comes before you start trying to think so hard about it.” Marwan learns from his immature actions, eventually developing the abilities to listen to his dreams, read omens and trust his own insight. He is told, "You are about to go through a transition... Once this transformation is complete, you will embark upon a path that will consciously thrust you into the simultaneous aspects of this Universe and the One Experience in ways never before experienced..."

"Inner frequencies resonate through all of time and space. You must now become the master of your own destiny. You must find the end of fate."

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