Do You Have the Stamp of God's Ownership?

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Do You Have the Stamp of God's Ownership?

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This book is a non-nonsense Christian writ which talks about how a minister in the house of God can start a Ministry that God approves with all His Might. Ministry is a service. It must not be necessarily gigantic before it will receive the approval of God. This service must be done in line with the pattern of the Holy Spirit leadings and the daily revelation from God which may come as a perception from meditating on the Word of God or verbal inner witnessing. “Do You Have the Stamp of God’s Ownership?” come out of many years’ experiences in walking with God from 1996 to date. It is of good report for us to help one another to proceed on this journey of eternity in view. The book is made of twelve chapters arranged orderly to help us understand the flow of the message which God has revealed to us on the course of ministering in different capacity in our local Church.

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