Tooey, Freckles & Ming Meet SweetiePie in Rainbow Land

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Tooey, Freckles & Ming Meet SweetiePie in Rainbow Land

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This is the second book in the Tooey, Freckles & Ming series. It introduces one of the most important characters named SweetiePie who just arrived in Rainbow Land yesterday and enjoyed a very big welcome day-long celebration. All the details of the big event are in the first series book entitled IN RAINBOW LAND. In this book SweetiePie is still sleeping when we see Tooey at the window overlooking her peaceful sleep and waiting patiently for her to awaken. When she is awake and had breakfast she is taken to the Reading Room to meet new friends who are enjoying their books. Panda and Wise Owl take turns reading to SweetiePie; and then three RainbowBears arrive with Rainbow Macaroons for everyone to enjoy at snack time. When snack time ends SweetiePie returns to her room with her new friend BabyGiraffe who also arrived in Rainbow Land yesterday. They shared the welcome celebration together and became fast friends. Ming joins them and makes them loved and welcomed in Rainbow Land.

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