Forgive Me, Bloody Hell...And Other Stories

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Forgive Me, Bloody Hell...And Other Stories

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Length: 67 pages51 minutes


This is my debut collection of short stories, containing a mix of different genres including; Sci-fi, Supernatural, Paranormal, Psychological and Horror. With our lives as busy and hectic as they are it can be frustrating to dip in and out of a novel, the answer? Short stories! Perfect for those short spaces of time to fill - the commute, waiting room or just before bed (if you dare to read them before going to sleep!)
FORGIVE ME: A dramatic and emotional story with a twist.
BLOODY HELL: A dark and angry tale that will confuse before explaining.
JUST DESSERTS: Will justice prevail?
STOP ME IF YOU CAN: Did they pick the wrong victim?
BAD MISTAKES: What would you sacrifice to see the future? Your money, your wife, your life?
MARY ANN STRAMP: The twisted mind of a Peeping Tom. Will Mary Ann survive?
Also included is a sneaky peak of the prologue to my novel MAN MADE KILLERS.

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