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Introduction - How To and FAQ

The following mysteries contain enough clues for you to solve the crimes. After you've considered the evidence, go to the next page to read the solution and see if you're correct. Then turn the page to where another mystery awaits.

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Shamus nominee and two-time Derringer winner Stephen D. Rogers ( is the author of:

Three-Minute Mysteries (25 solvable crimes)

Three-Minute Mysteries 2 (25 more solvable crimes)

Three-Minute Mysteries 3 (25 more solvable crimes),

and for those who enjoy their crimes a bit darker:

Shot to Death (31 stories of murder and mayhem)


Dinner Conversation

Why are you putting on your jacket?

Detective Alwood shrugged. Sorry, honey, but you know an unsolved homicide takes precedence. Don't bother waiting up.

Linda put down her book. It's your Sunday to make dinner. The children can't wait to taste your roast beef.

Tell them next week. And I'll even sweeten the deal with a homemade a pie. If you help with the crust.

How about I solve your murder, and then we'll move back dinner a couple hours so you can finish off your paperwork?

Detective Alwood sat across from his wife. You think you can just solve a homicide, sitting in our living room?

If you making dinner rests on the solution? Tell me what you know.

Her husband shook his head but pulled out his notebook. Marshall Harrington lost control of his car coming down Walsh Pass this morning. He was returning from a business meeting at Crow's Nest Restaurant.

A breakfast meeting on Sunday?

That's what he told the manager when he booked the function room.

Linda nodded. Go on. Sorry about the interruption.

Harrington ordered breakfast platters for four and then waited for three people to join him.

You have the names?

Detective Alwood flipped the page. Bryn Harrington, his son. Elliot Harrington, his nephew. David Prescott, his lawyer. Three people who depend on Harrington for their livelihood.

How cozy.

Instead of menus, Harrington had the waitress deliver copies of his new will, one that cut out his guests.

One imagines they fortified themselves with coffee.

Indeed. The waitress said that the uproar was instant, Bryn Harrington screaming that his father's will was illegal. David Prescott, the lawyer, told him that the will was not only legal but that it would be valid as of tomorrow. That he already had a copy on file in his office.

Linda smiled. In other words, Marshall Harrington died before the new will could impact the status quo.

Correct. Coincidence? Maybe not. Someone tampered with Marshall Harrington's vehicle while he was at the restaurant.

Was he rude to the hostess?

Perhaps. But restaurant employees are often more subtle when expressing their displeasure. After all, they have access to your food.

Enough said. Alwood shivered. More than enough.

Don't worry. I'll do my best to ensure that you eat at home this afternoon. Tell me about the breakfast guests.

The detective consulted his notes. Bryn is your typical spoiled rich kid. His mother made her husband promise to continue the boy's allowance after she died and Bryn is basically marking time until he can get his hands on the entire fortune.

How did she die?

Illness. Marshall never remarried.

And now they're reunited. Linda took a deep breath. Did you say Elliot was Marshall's nephew?

Yes. His brother's boy. Elliot at least made an effort to support himself. He runs a small manufacturing concern. Unfortunately, their sole customer is his uncle's company.

And the lawyer?

David Prescott. He was forced out of a larger firm -- no one will say why -- and works exclusively for Marshall Harrington.

The man did seem to prefer to keep his business ties tied to him.

Yes. Her husband closed his notebook. He also demanded loyalty. While he accepted a lazy son, an incompetent lawyer, and an indifferent supplier, Marshall changed his will as soon as he believed the men concerned were anything less than completely loyal.

Would the new will have affected anybody else?

Not according to Prescott. I tend to believe him just because he's less of a suspect if others are involved.

Linda clapped her hands together. Marshall Harrington makes the announcement over breakfast and then, what?

He told them to enjoy their last meal on him and he left laughing. The three men agree on that and the employee restaurants confirm their statement.

So you've talked to each of the breakfast guests.

Detective Alwood climbed to his feet. Yes. Now I'll go back for another round of interviews. Then I'll verify as much of their information as possible before pursuing any leads.

Linda sighed. I'm afraid that's just not acceptable. The children and I, we await your dinner with bated breath.

Believe me. Investigating a homicide is not my idea of how to spend a Sunday afternoon.


He raised an eyebrow. Good?

If you'd rather spend as much of your day as possible at home, you won't be disappointed if I hand you the solution to your murder.

Detective Alwood sat. Spill the beans and I'll cook you something better.

A roast of beef?

He nodded. With all the trimmings.

The children do enjoy a fresh pie.

You'll help with the crust?


Okay then. I know who killed Marshall Harrington. All you need to do is mention why he's the only suspect and you'll be home before you know it.

Do you know whom Linda suspects?

Review what you know, develop a theory, and then turn the page to see the answer.

Dinner Conversation - Solution

Linda tells her husband to mention two facts. Since Marshall Harrington left the restaurant before anybody else, the person who sabotaged the car must have known about the coming changes before Marshall Harrington made the announcement. At breakfast, David Prescott admitted already having a copy of the will in his office. Detective Alwood's roast beef dinner was delicious.


Dana Cooke carried the newborn Jason to the door with her. Yes, her son was perfectly safe in the playpen, but too cute not to watch every possible second.