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Love is Like That

Length: 231 pages3 hours


Love is Like That is a book that focuses entirely on love, a universally-necessary virtue. It adapts stories from real life experiences, history and current events.

Love is Like That accepts the necessity of love in human minds, hearts and relationships. While most mortals value love for its emotional depths and erotic pleasures, Love is Like That unapologetically focuses first on God Almighty in Jesus Christ. While everyone profits from any degree of love accepted, it reaches its greatest influence only within that spiritual context.

Love is Like That therefore challenges any reader to appreciate the presence of love in all situations. It encourages believers in God to embrace love as the necessary virtue in everyday relationships. It demands that Christians accept the particularization of God’s love in Christ as its origin and meaning.

Love is Like That sometimes simply recites the story, and sometime sees it as a parable. But it never fails to see its impact on everyday life. And, while we may progressively mature in our understanding and appreciation of love, at whatever we’ve reached, we will be merely at minute one of 10,000 hours; at foot one of 10,000 miles; of day one of 10,000 years.

The result of reading Love is Like That will at least increase our understanding of love’s ever-more encompassing expressions. It may help us love one another more. Hopefully, it will encourage our appreciation of God’s love in Christ—the ultimate goal of the book.

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