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Fated Awakenings (Book Two) - C.K. Mullinax

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Chapter One

This cold is so frigid…bitter…ruthless…

My body is entombed…

I am being ravaged…by an Arctic prison. The icy bars start from deep inside me somewhere. My muscles refuse to react and help me break free.

Fading in and out of awareness, I struggled to remain lucid.

Still, even when I’m aware, I hear nothing but the howling wind…see nothing but total blackness.

Did I just fall into a void…a celestial black hole…am I even breathing?

Locked inside the icy grip of death, my body is being shuffled and repositioned. I am barely able to inhale…teetering on the edge between survival and extinction.

Surrender to the insistent frozen grave…that is all I want to do…

But a sliver of warmth…pierces the glacial devastation…

The heat is no more than a candle’s flame caught in the midst of a blizzard. Even though it is outmatched and overwhelmed, it refuses to be defeated. There is still nothing but blackness…

The howling winds increase in speed, as the gentle heat diligently works to keep some of it away.

How can I feel its warmth, but not see its flame?

It felt like an eternity had come and gone before the internal, icy winds quieted down enough for me to hear the echoes. Are those voices or rabid animals?

Broken pieces of their conversation were filtering through the ice-laden commotion. They sound so far away.

…sit in your lap…uncomfortable…straddle you the entire time, the senator told Wally.

…that’s the right button? Wally asked, sometime later.

…her knees…positioned to slide…take her…the crib…more comfortable…monitor the crib feed…the merchandise…pleasure…her…tight squeeze…suit yourself…one treated blanket. Just follow the prompts on the touch screen. I’ll let you watch me… the senator said and Wally interrupted.

Thanks, but no…collecting them for Sexy Bunny. She’ll be furious when she wakes up and realizes that she didn’t get the thrill of purchasing her own petting zoo… my bodyguard stated with a nervous edge in his voice.

She won’t even know she’s been asleep. I know this isn’t P.C. when they’re awake. But, in here females are considered property of their escort. You can do anything you want to her and she’ll never know it. You still have time to put her in the crib. Your merchandise gets delivered to it, too. The crib has a voice override feature so any of us can issue commands. The pets will follow instructions and so will your property. If it’s Junior you’re worried about, you can turn off his feed… he revealed.

My Sexy Bunny stays on my person – non-negotiable, Wally told him.

The chair’s interactive feature will disengage with her being available. You’ll be missing out on a…

I’ll have other times to experience whatever that interactive recliner offers. But, I’m here for her pleasure this time. She’s the reason I came. Besides, what good does having her pets do something to please her in a crib if she’s cold and unconscious? She won’t remember…that’s what you said. So, she won’t know she’s on the receiving end of anything.

I wish I could convince you, but you’re in complete control of her. Lyle told me on the phone that she was his guest and escort. When did that change?

It didn’t…you’re kid’s an idiot. Bunny’s always been with me, Wally told him, matter-of-factly.

Lyle would have been in control of me if he had escorted me inside!

"We have about twenty minutes before the auction begins. You need to make sure she’s positioned leaning forward and facing you. Besides the obvious need for her to be in that position, she can choke on her own saliva. She can’t sit facing out because she can’t lean against the interface.

"The recliner has built-in rests for her knees that can open or close her legs – giving you, your preference. That reminds me, if you have to get up to relieve yourself, you’ll have to slide out from underneath her. You can safely remove your interface and, as long as her face is buried in your chair, she’ll be okay. Remember though, if you get up the auction goes black for everyone until you activate your chair again. We’ll have a few intermissions to stretch.

"Oh, don’t let her arms hang over the edges. The area outside of your personal space is toxic to females not employed by SizZle. I don’t know what toxin they use, but it works fast and can be absorbed through her skin.

Speaking of her skin, I know it feels cold to the touch. But, the appropriate areas of her body will heat while in use. Her… the senator tried to say, but Wally swiftly interrupted.

I’ll figure it out through practice! You said something about a treated blanket?

I have one. You can’t order it until the auction officially begins. The icon will light up, right here, the senator stated.

So, I can wrap her in it…

"Well no…not really. It will drape over her since she’s on top of you. She has to stay plastered to your chest. Remember, one whiff of the air outside of your limited space and she dies. The blanket provides the club’s only external privacy barrier. Once the auction begins, others can feed your cam live to their interactive and watch what you’re doing. I had that blanket stocked when I bought this suite. No one has ever asked to use it. Part of the fun is being a voyeur, if you’re not engaging in a fantasy.

Only other elite suite holders’ can tap into your feed and the one in the crib. Let’s take a look and see how many people you’ll be disappointing by using that blanket to cover up with. Well, what do you know?? Every suite has been cued to watch my crib feed! That’s over sixty Charters and who knows how many guests… he declared, sounding both elated and disappointed.

So, these business meetings you have in here are not private sessions?? Wally asked.

"Suite owners can watch what we’re doing. But, eavesdropping is and has always been prohibited. The beasts of labor would be tempted because they aren’t allowed to view the show. They have to be provided voice access to the suites for maintenance issues, instructions and orders. The Charters would miss out on something if the camera feeds had audio. You’ll see what I mean once things get underway. I can’t even hear you when the interface activates and the enclosure wraps around.

"Now, all we have left to go over is the auction. Merchandise is typically displayed one-by-one. If you like what you see, tag the Interest Icon. The bidding starts after a two minute viewing. Auctions move rapidly, but take a long time to gavel out to the victor. Most Charters have one preference and they will attempt to outbid any others. It’s fierce and sometimes gets brutal…especially if the suite holders’ show a lack of interest and the gallery gutter rats get involved. If someone gets killed in the pit, the auction reverts back to the last bidder and it resumes until someone wins.

"If you see a pet you want to give her, activate the Interest Icon and bid. Our winnings get delivered to the crib, instantly. I typically feed the crib cam and give her some instructions. But tonight, you’re at the helm. The crib belongs to you and your commands.

"SizZle Sunday’s have been more spirited since management decided to employee co-eds. They used to get their livestock through professional escorts. Too many regs and restrictions involved. The new co-ed livestock has only been with us the last couple of months. We’ve lost a few head, but the majority is still wrangled and grazing.

It looks like we have a few that have never been displayed… the senator revealed, evidently looking at something.

I can’t tell how many are being auctioned… Wally said.

"New show stock…four heads…and this…hold on, I’ll look in one more place…fifteen. The pool is growing! That’s an unexpected thrill.

See these new ones…they’re the prize-winning head. Win the bid on any of those lends, tonight and you’re guaranteed protection while you’re slumming in the gallery. Every man will want to be your friend if you can afford a blue-ribbon… the senator stated, proudly.

Does this party mansion take plastic? Wally inquired.

Certainly…for purchasing…cash only for deposits. I’ve already taken care of… the senator responded.

I’ve never lost a bid! Here’s my platinum and a clip of cash…use them instead, he told the senator, tossing him the money to buy the girls.

This is way too much for the deposit… he informed us.

No it’s not. Tell whoever’s writing the receipt to keep the change. It never hurts to pad the pockets of the cashier…can’t ever tell when you might need a little something-something from the peon grinding at the switch. I thought a man like you would know that already… Wally offered, cleverly.

This is your money, Doc. I always tip the staff 50%, he stated, smugly.

It sounded like the senator deposited the cash into a drawer and swiped the credit card into a reader.

See, all taken care of. The Harring men are at your service. Anything you need…anything, the senator said.

What’s the red-line zombie experience? Wally inquired.

It’s a very realistic interactive. That warning is posted because it gave a Charter a heart attack. If you select that experience you can’t keep her on your lap or bid, because you won’t be able to do anything else, the senator told Wally.

Sounds like the perfect night’s event for Floor Boy. Get up, IL M. TB! And, take a seat… Wally told Lyle.

He should use the john… the senator stated.

Nah, he’ll like it better the other way. Right, Little Man?

Yeah, thrilled… he replied, sarcastically.

Junior, curtail the attitude…what’s wrong with you? We’re never rude to our paying guests, his dad admonished and I think I heard his dad hit him.

He’s cranky. I’ll give him a hands-on adjustment later and he’ll be good as new, Wally said for him.

Alright Doc, let’s get you settled in… the senator said.

Wally had been holding me with my head against his shoulder. He sat down carefully, but my head slid into the crook of his arm. I suddenly, found myself choking with no way to do anything about it!

Don’t touch her! Wally exclaimed.

But, she’s choking! the senator shouted.

Wally basically jostled my body and I ended up in another awkward pose. Although I wasn’t choking on my own spit anymore, I couldn’t breathe in this position either. I couldn’t do or say anything to alert them of the problem. Wally somehow figured out that I was in peril because he immediately corrected my posture. Once again, I could inhale freely.

She has to remain upright. Her upper body has to stay pressed against your chest, shoulder or into the back of your chair. It will be easier when you’re kicked back in the recliner. Legs straddling you…that’s the only way to keep her airway open. Mind if I assist?

Yes, I mind! Back away, give us some space and let me get her situated, Wally ordered and he moved me into a position I have never been in before.

My knees were resting on either side of his hips. Even with my clothes off, my body will stay pressed against him. So no one can see me. But how will Wally survive being in this position with a naked girl lying on top of him? His head-versus-head battle just turned into a war.

What about our clothes? I know they have to be removed, but no one’s touching her except me.

"They use a materialization process. You select what goes and stays, once the interface is fully activated. The clothes re-materialize once the auction concludes or vanish and get destroyed if you chose to keep them on. Don’t forget to unbutton your fly or you will injure something sensitive. And, you might better lift her mid-section up when the interface redresses you. She won’t feel being caught in your zipper until she wakes up. You said she’s going to be angry already.

"The shielding is clear, but no one can see your screen options but you. All the interfaces will appear as holographic icons, except the auctioning bids. The icons can occasionally experience a delay. You activate the button used for entering bids on a manual switch. That way everyone has a fair shot at winning. During the bidding war things get intense. Typically, I would say activate the bid switch on your left and use your right if you want to take care of yourself. But, you have her for that…and, you will be tight on space.

You want to win the lend on her pets. So you might want to use your dominant hand to place the bids instead. There is a self-guided practice tour. Why don’t you close yourself inside and take it for a spin. If you have any problems, I’ll leave mine open and you can pop your head out… the senator stated.

They both did something because Lyle’s dad made a noise and Wally shifted my weight. My right knee slid off its rest and my foot wound up falling off the side.

No! Wally exclaimed and he gently lifted my leg back into place.

"Welcome fine guest of Gold Star Charter Harring. Please view the list and select the Familiarize Icon when you are ready to proceed…" the sensual computer voice prompted.

"Okay, it’s just you, me and this computerized phone sex voice, Bunny. I’ve gotta work through this practice session. I don’t want to slip-up and lose one. I’m going to keep hitting this auction button, repeatedly.

I know you’re passed out and can’t hear me. But, I always talk things through when I’m nervous. I do it on the field before every play. So, you’ll have to bear with me…I wish I could wake you up… he stated and began his tutorial.

The system didn’t offer any more verbal instructions. Wally moved and I heard what sounded like a slot machine payout. He moved again and a foghorn sounded. He kept making noises and mumbling things like…that’s nuts…whoa, that’s twisted…you should see this…I’m glad you’re not awake, talk about embarrassing.

Everything seemed alright until the system indicated Chair Experience O

My private area began warming from the system’s generated heat. Wally’s did too, but his wasn’t from a system.

Quit it… Wally shouted.

"Experience O has been terminated by the user…" the sensual voice informed us.

"Alright Bunny, I know you’re not technically here…but, I’ve got to talk to you like you’re listening. I really love my tiny brain and don’t want Little G. to decapitate it. So, I’ve got to distract myself while I’m Iconing in this recliner of sex-and-death. I’ll push the shapes and you just lie against me and listen…

"Whoa Baxter, you’re losing your mind. Talking to a comatose Bunny…

"Let’s see I’m going to tell you about my mom. She’s an artist…dabbles in lots of mediums, but she earns a living as a painter. Her name is Moody Wise. But, I typically call her M&M, short for Moody Momma. I dubbed her Moody Momma because she’s always torturing herself over something trivial. This stroke is wrong…that color’s not mixed right. Ya’ know, she’s her own worst critic – even when she sells her paintings for thousands.

"Well, the M&M title evolved, naturally too. She loves candy…chocolate, in particular. She used M&M’s to teach me some of life’s most valuable things. Let’s see, she used them as a potty training reward…to teach me colors…shapes…3-D shapes…textures.

"I used them to teach her patience…ya’ know, how to survive and thrive through your baby boy’s terrible twos, coupled with early onset sugar rushes and a side of hyperactivity. It took her about a week to catch on to the fact that I wasn’t actually doing anything in the potty other than using it as a crutch to get my candy fix. Well occasionally I did use it, but I digress.

"Ooooo…this is my favorite M&M lesson…Moody Momma taught me how to wet them down…ya’ know, swirl them around in your mouth and spit them out. Boys love doing that. After they were sloppy wet, we would use them as emergency pigments…for all those…lack of crayon moments.

"I could keep going because M&M life skills’ lessons have taught me more than all my formal education ever has. But, I’ll stop there…because you’re already bored into a coma. Our happy, hippie tribal band has kept Mars candy in business. And, at the rate the Baxters’ are growing, their workers are safe for years to come…

"It’s strange, but my M&M has this love/hate relationship with football. I started playing when I was about six and I loved it. She’s the one that took me to the Pop Warner sign-ups. She scoped out every team and selected mine, based on its complimentary colors. Then, she personally bought all the stuff, and demanded that everyone in my family go to my first game and watch me. But, when the time came, she totally refused to let the coach put me in to play. My dad had to literally pry her hands away from my arm. She clapped, cheered, chanted and cried, with every move I made on the field.

"M&M never changes. My family uprooted and moved to be near me when I decided to go away for college. They call me their Brain-I-Ac Cub which would be hilarious with my C-minus average, but I suppose in a family of hippie-artists they feel it’s an accurate title.

"Now, back to Moody Momma…she only comes to see two games per season because she gets mad if someone sacks me. Anger makes her aura turn black and that puts bad vibes into the world. The two games she comes to make me the most nervous. Even the Bowl game I won last year was like a day at the beach compared to her two-pass-limit visits – which by the way she already took one, the first game of this season. And, she’s saving the next one for a rainy day. Rainy days aren’t actually filled with rain from the sky. She’s never defined her version of rainy days. So don’t ask me how she chooses or when she’ll show up for her last one.

"Whether I win or lose doesn’t matter to M&M because according to her wisdom, the numbers are so unimportant that it isn’t worth the astral energy to look at them. And, believe it when I say it, I don’t give a second thought to winning the games she comes to. You heard that right!

"My M&M game day concerns are sacks, which I’ve already told you about and if she makes a beeline for the bench. You won’t get this, because you’re a girl. But, it’s hard for a dude to be jock-like-intimidating when your mommy is licking her thumb and wiping the black ‘make-up’ smudges from underneath my eyes. Yes, you heard that right too. M&M starts giving me grooming and cosmetics lessons right there on the sideline.

You should know that’s why I followed Little G. and didn’t ask her any questions. My M&M gets worse when I point out the obvious or object to her suggestions – like the time I tried to wiggle out of the grooming lecture and mentioned the other team had on more make-up than me. She stomped over to them and said, My Brain-I-Ac Cub, the one in the Baxter shirt, sent me over here to fix your faces…"

"That’s not a stretch, either. As an artist, she has a flair for make-up application and isn’t afraid to use it…everywhere. The other players got rewarded with symmetrical under-eye football makeup and a bag of…you guessed it…M&M’s.

So…yikes, sorry didn’t mean to sling your body. But, that Icon needs to be nuked… Wally told me.

"The ‘Nuked’ Icon is not found. Please indicate on the interface which Icon you are referring to…" sensual voice inquired.

That one…hey, I know, let’s call her, Lola…shall we? Wally asked.

"Are you referring to your breed-property, Lola or to me as, Lola?"

You’re Lola…I’m Doc and she’s mine…

"‘Mine’ is not available for stimulating conversation. My parameters are set to specification. Through your heart rate, I am able to ascertain Mine’s voice as your preference. We can now engage in stimulating conversation using her vocal patterns or do you wish to proceed through Icon navigation?" Lola asked in my voice!

Now that’s what I call first rate freaky… Wally told Lola.

"Mine used a similar term in the security casing. Would you like to have a simulated ‘freak in the box’…"

What I’d like is a real suit of armor on me and a real chastity belt on her… Wally stated.

"A holographic simulation can be superimposed…"

Holographs don’t do anything for me, sorry Lola. And, go back to using your computer voice because I’m having a hard enough time as it is…

"You are not yet, fully har…

Stop! I don’t need any narration. Just go back to the navigation…

"Navigation resuming…"

"This tutorial is almost finished. We’re looking at one twisted freak-fest and nothing’s really got started yet. Well, not you…it’s me that’s going to be trying my best not to look at them, you or anything. I’m going to leave on our underwear and pretend that it’s made of barbwire. So, that’ll be something between us.

God help me! I pray that you don’t have on anything see-through…or lacy…or that says Secret" on the label…not that I’ll be looking! But, your bra is going to be showing and pressed against my bare chest…never mind. I tell Lola to shut up and then, I launch into my own frustration narration…

"Please, oh please Bunny, be wearing boy shorts…no wait, those are so sexy on a girl…briefs…yeah, I need you to be wearing baggy briefs that come up to your waist with unicorn’s printed on them. My little sister has a unicorn obsession…still does even at 19.

Oh and, I need your bra to have printed unicorns too, along with a spring-loaded deathtrap. And, maybe you can have a tattooed warning sign front or back, that says Back Off or Lose the T.B., Q.B. – love, Little G".

I’m begging you not to be wearing anything under there, that I’ve ever seen before on any model or mannequin or in a catalogue or… Wally said and would have kept on listing his wish list, but the senator interrupted his frantic train of thought.

Everything okay in there? I saw you talking… he asked, sounding concerned.

It’s…well, we’re noisy…I’m…she’s noisy…when Sexy Bunny and I are together… We’re noisy, together. That scene outside was tame. She’s always talking. But, she’s so quiet and I’m used to commotion. So, I’m having to make it, and all of it, for both of us, instead of just me or listenin’ to her make it. Tell him, IL M. TB, Wally stammered, crazily.

Junior can’t hear you. His zombie experience has already started. See him shaking?

I hope it gets worse…

It will. He’s just doing the tutorial navigation…

Crank up the terror and shock factor if you can…

Done…by the way, the interface has an upload of her voice and image. It can replicate her…

I don’t want a replica! I want her talking, using her own voice. No computer can reproduce her thinking, read her mind or anticipate what I want…can it?

Oh please Maker let him say no…

It can…

We’re cooked!!!

What do you mean by that?? Wally questioned, casually but his heart was pounding.

"The interface uses a technology that tracks her known behaviors and speech patterns. It also measures your arousal levels and recreates her image based on those facts. It takes very little information for the system to figure out which of her personality features that get you juiced.

Her glass case, crowd inclusive, freak request, along with her Cairo mummy background story and your intense arousal, provides the interface with plenty enough information… the senator revealed.

I’m more into a live, warm body, talking girl experience. So, I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing and the interface can keep being a robot or whatever she wants to be…as long as she’s not faking on my Sexy Bunny, Wally offered.

"As long as you’re enjoying yourself...

The auctioning will begin once every suite is locked and green coded. I can see if you click the Interest Icon. I’ll place bids and you can, too. I’ve turned Junior’s to inactive. That means you or I can bid in his stead. Between three active lines, we should win at least once…

Lemme repeat…I’ve never lost a bid. I’m here to please Bunny. So, we better not lose anything I’m interested in acquiring or you’ll lose my interest, too. Understand?

Perfectly! So, no spending limits…none at all??

None at all…we outbid every suite owner, guest and rat in the building. Only I know what my Sexy Bunny wants and she always gets her way…

They might have done something or made a gesture, but that was the last thing they said to each other. Then, the central computer made her announcement…

"Welcome gentlemen to Select Elite Sunday at Charter Club SizZle. Article storage will commence in one minute. Please be aware that seat activation authorizes destruction of valuables at the management’s discretion. The user agrees to hold the establishment and affiliates harmless of any liability.

"The Bull Pen is operational and the live feed will go active at the auctioning bell. Charters assume all responsibility for removal of a breeder stock from the Non-Lulling Blue Zone during breaks. The suite holder further relinquishes Club SizZle from any injuries to property that might be damaged in the Bull Pen area.

"Storage procedures are now activated. Please remain seated…"

Hold on Bunny, here goes nothing… Wally informed me, shivering from, what I can only imagine is restraint.

My shoes were the first thing to go. Then, my shorts…my shirt…and my hair clip disappeared. My hairspray is extra-hold, but it’s no match for gravity. The curls were tickling my back and making my skin itch and crawl. But, I couldn’t do anything to help myself or tell him it needed to be scratched. Victoria no longer had a secret, but at least the sheer, lacy set of identical twin girls stayed in place.

Next, it was Wally’s turn. His article storage was happening in reverse order. His sunglasses, jacket, tie and shirt were stripped away. His pants de-materialized and that’s when yet another storm-cloud rumbled, threatening to rain on my already soggy, ducky parade.

NO!!! Show me the Icons… he shouted at Lola.

"Which Icon do you wish to access, Doc? I am at your service…"

The one that leaves my boxer briefs on my body!

"Undergarments for gentlemen are strictly prohibited while the auction is underway. Please advise me as to your wishes…"

What are my staying dressed options???

"You can wear your pants…leave the club…or check your property into the Bull Pen and remain with her…"

Do any of those come with auctioning privileges??

"Preventing your pants from being stored will not affect your auctioning privileges…"

What, if anything, can I order to wear when the auction’s over and you destroy my pants??

"Your pants are destroyed by another interface system beyond my control. The suite’s registry indicates no articles of clothing are available for you to order and wear. Items accessible to dress in, post-auction include your boxer briefs, shirt, sport coat, socks and Italian shoes. Please advise me as to your wishes…"

This is unbelievable!! You can’t do anything with testosterone!! he exclaimed.

"I am unsure how to grant your request. Please restate it…"

I’m talking to myself, Lola! Go ahead and store my underwear… Wally told her.

"Do you wish to have your pants…"

No! Just strip me and let’s get this over with…

His underwear exited the seat.

All that’s left between me and Wally Baxter having a hallmark moment is my, nearly transparent, Victoria’s Non-Secret! My parade just got rained out…

Another duck bites the dust, as the head-to-head war takes a nasty turn in the nuclear direction.

Chapter Two

"Bunny, we’ve got a problem! You’re not here to talk about unicorns and Lola sounds like a phone sex operator. I can’t switch her to male interactive because that would just…well, I’m afraid it would sound like one of the guy’s on my team, goofing. I’ve got to shower with them after practice and games.

"I can’t close my eyes because I might miss out on an Icon or a bid. I don’t know what I’m doing…or why I’m here…or how we ended up in this position. I was hoping that I could wedge this blanket between us – but, it’s not made of material. It’s like something out of a sci-fi movie. It’s there, but I can’t touch it. The Icon for it blacked out because there was only one.

Your skin is cold on this side of your body. But, it’s not cold like an icy shower which is what I need… Wally told me.

"Doc, I am unable to grant your request for an icy shower. Would you like for me to lower your companion’s core temperature a few additional degrees?"

No!! She’s too cold, already…

"I am equipped with thermal isolation sequencing with vibration for warmth maximization. I can heat up her…"

Don’t say it!

"I will remove the word ‘it’ from my processor…"

Not it – it…keep using the word ‘it’. The areas you can heat up on her. Don’t say any of those…

Another row of ducks bit the big one as Lola listed all the areas of my body that she could heat up and removed them from her voice processor. Wally moaned and grumbled while she announced each.

Ice packs…

"Where would it pleasure you for me to place the ice packs?"

Wait, can you place a barrier between her skin and the ice packs?

"Barriers are prohibited and unnecessary…"

Of course they are! I’m gonna regret asking you this stupid question, but why are they??

"My interface is set to prevent conception and STD transmission through…"

Stop with the details! I don’t want to hear any details…

"Do you still desire ice packs??"

No…the only way I can protect her skin is by using my hand. You can’t do anything…you’ve made that abundantly clear. So, neither of us can protect her delicate…um female only skin…I don’t care about mine. Well, that’s not exactly true. But right now, I’m desperate enough to consider almost anything, Wally said, thinking aloud.

"Consequences submitted for your ‘desperate consideration’…hypothermia will set in and result in frostbite to the applicable areas if the ice packs remain stationary for too long."

When does this auction start?? he asked in irritation.

"Twenty three Charters’ have failed to initiate. Shall I search to find the apparent delays and apprise you of my findings?"

"Neg-a-tive…there is no mystery to that search. Let’s you and I assume they’re getting weirdly busy. You can get your processor erased, Lucky Girl. But, my memory seems to hammer, glue and then, concrete all the sexually warped material I see – making those items permanent brain fixtures.

Can you just play some Moody Wise music while I wait for the next unwelcomed concrete moment to slug me?

"I have no categorical listing for Moody Wise music. What song would you like to hear? I have a full library, in addition to archives…"

"Play… ‘Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone’…that’s my little sister’s favorite of all the old blues stuff my mom tortured us with. Now that I hear it again…it’s kinda nice and in no way, stimulating. Keep playing it as soft background music until the action starts.

Lola, Old Gal, I don’t want you to ruin this diversion. So, I’m gonna chat with Bunny. Even nearly naked, she’s the safer option. Gimme a five minute warning before the auction opens. We’ll talk again then…

"As you wish…"

"Where were we…oh yeah, we were going back to unicorns and my little sister. Her tattoo obsession cost me a few black-eyes. She liked to draw those pink and purple mythos-creatures on my shoulder because it was her ‘living campus’. She meant ‘canvas’, but she was only like, three at the time she said it. That was pretty good for a first try on a big word.

"I never corrected her because honestly, I wanted to have one thing that belonged to just us. We’re the babies. She still draws on my shoulder in henna or other temporary inks and calls it her living campus. She says her tats will bring me good luck.

"The one she gave me on the night before you ‘Wopped’ me is starting to fade, but it’s still visible. I’m going to get it inked in for real. But, I’ll have to take my baby sis with me when I do it. She’ll have to select the tattoo copy artist because it’s her artwork. And, knowing her, she’ll have to chant blessings over him, or her, while they’re drilling needles into my flesh. I just pray she doesn’t bring our M&M or things could go from chanting weird to scrutinized upside-down and sideways, double-trouble hippie-Sculptress peculiar.

"My family is off the galactic charts into hippie wacky territory. So, now that I consider this predicament, I suppose it’s no wonder I’m stuck in a sex chair of death with a half-naked, most desirable Bunny and no way to do anything about any of it. There I go with the narration again…

"My sister…my sister…whew…safe topic…I have to be ultra-careful to scrutinize her living campus artwork. Since I’ve hit my college days, I have to make sure it’s a steely-eyed manly unicorn. And yes, there is such a thing like a fierce, fire-consumed unicorn with a black coat of various tribal symbols. He’s rippin’ through my flesh like a ragin’ bull. I can’t wait for you to see the one that’s on my back, now. The one she created for us…

"You have no idea what kinda grief takes place in a locker room. But, this last tat, my cherub-sis outdid herself. The guys want one too. That’ll never happen, by the way…not with my lucky tat.

"My latest unicorn belongs exclusively to you and me. I’m not about to share it with anyone else. My teammates aren’t even allowed to photograph it. So, there’s been some locker room talk about everyone getting her to trademark a specific angry unicorn tat for our football team. I’ve been avoiding that suggestion like the Ebola virus coupling with the black plague. They have no idea how tough it is to work with my sister, the artist. She’s three times the critic M&M ever thought of being. Her tats can sometimes take months to achieve.

"One of my mom’s favorite mediums to work with is henna ink. She was always using her kids as displays for her breathing artwork. There’s seven of us…six boys and one girl. My sister is the baby, baby. M&M told my Pops she was determined to make additions until she had a Sculptress in her Pride. Pops Genesis is a hands-on, free spirited, very involved dad…who is now a part-time hippie with a respectable full-time job. He still believes in free love and the more life, the merrier. The Baxter’s would be in expansion mode to this day, if it weren’t for Angel-Leelah Lovely. Yes, that’s her name. And mine…surprise, surprise is not Wally. It’s Evan-Lee Son…spelled S-O-N.

M&M took one look at me and said, Genesis, he’s arrived! This is our Heavenly Sun"…spelled S-U-N in her mind. Pops was on a paternity-leave cannabis-expedition and thought she said Evan-Lee Son. That’s the name he registered on my birth certificate. But, my M&M refuses to accept it or change it. According to her wisdom, someone, somewhere at some place in time will need to know I’m their innocent Heavenly Sun, but not everyone needs to know that. Don’t ask me what any of that means. She was flying cannabis style when she explained that to me.

"Course, M&M couldn’t bring herself to call me Evan or Heaven, daily – thankfully on that last one, at least. On day two of my life, she dubbed me Wally…dad’s name on his birth certificate is Walter Lee. He renamed himself, Genesis Baxter, when he became a born-again hippie.

"It was an interesting life growing up around the Baxter home. We’ve all been tattooed at one time or another. I noticed your ink around your belly button when I intentionally bumped into you in the parking lot. No head-to-head death battle that night, although that sexy half-shirt number you had on was so hot. But, you’ve got some gargantuan brothers that pack liquid nitro stares. Seriously, they’re like mutant, huge. I kept wondering how far my body would sail if one of them punched me. That’s one of those morbid moments a guy thinks about when confronted by…

"But wait, I digress…and need to divert my thoughts away from your appealing ink, the area right above the no-zone and your steely-eyed gargantuan brothers that might’ve used me as a punching bag.

"New topic…how or better yet why, did your piercings turn into flaming Zippo’s in that glass case? I could smell your flesh cooking. Your shirt got a hole burnt through it, but I didn’t see any skin damage to treat.

"With your body pressed against me, I can still feel the warmth. It’s like micro-campfires burning in the middle of a blizzard. Those piercings are way too close to the forbidden zone for me to put my hand against them…but, I would if you were awake to smack some sense into me if my tiny brain tries to assume control.

"New topic…new topic…your back feels as cold as a corpse. I hope you don’t mind if I rub it. The friction doesn’t help, but I can’t seem to stop myself from trying to warm you up. I wish you could tell me if you’re freezing or in pain or comfortable enough in this awkward position. I’m sorry, Bunny. You’ve gotta stay this way until they suck the girl death air out of this room. When you started choking a few minutes ago, I almost lost it in front of that Perv. I don’t even mind that you’re drooling down my chest, as long as you continue breathing.

I can’t believe Sir Perv is a senator! This is…wait a sec, what the…is that a real tat?? Wally asked me, incredulously.

He was tugging at my skin, trying to get a clear look at my unicorn tattoo on my shoulder.

"It is! And, it’s on the same shoulder as my living campus. Yours is sorta familiar. That looks just like something my sister drew when she was eight. It looks like the one she called her fratty-fat, bony leggies Japan-easy unicorn.

Score….Angel’s spirit is in here sitting on her living campus! I’ve got some back-up and, the big brain takes the lead! Signs from Angel up-above indicate the big brain will pulverize the tiny head/massive body desires’…leading to eminent higher functioning brain’s victory! The crowd goes wild…Angel-Leelah Lovely Baxter’s lifelong unicorn tattoo extravaganza is the perfecto Interrupt-Ticus-Testosterone-Ickus, he shouted with jubilation.

But claiming victory too soon is never a smart move. Those all-too-persistent target ducks are out of the parade and searching for revenge…their sport…hunting Interrupt-Ticus-Testosterone-Ickus.

Chapter Three

The auction begins in ten…nine…eight…seven…

I’m not going to narrate for you…I’ll just save the concrete smut for my personal gag-out.


This isn’t really so bad…well, it’s not what I’d call good, either…but, all-in-all it’s bad on a mostly tolerable level, Wally stated, hesitantly.

He pressed the auction button and dedicated his bids to me, Little G., T.B. survival, Moody Momma and Angel. He got stuck on the dedication, …this one’s for Angel, looking over my shoulder.

From what I could tell, things were going smoothly. Then, Wally abruptly stopped talking, pulled me even tighter against his body and started shuddering.

I couldn’t tell if he was choking, sobbing or having some type of attack. My mind was on rapid fire as panic seized it. I felt like I was having a stroke because my heart refuses to circulate the onslaught of adrenaline…my lungs refuse to let me pant…my voice refuses to be audible.

The inner scream was deafening as my being was overloaded. Light ricocheted through my mind, blinding me to the darkness. Angry stabs from what felt like a sizzling hot knife, assaulted my insides.

Something horrendous is happening to Wally…

I couldn’t do anything…all the while…we’re dying together.

…that’s it, Bunny. We got her…one down…fourteen more to go, Wally’s voice filtered through the turmoil some time later.

He’s still shuddering and rubbing my back. His voice sounds haunted…shaken…and relieved.

Please Creator, don’t let this nightmare he’s watching change Moody Wise’s Heavenly Sun…

"The victory of the first prize-winning head goes to Gold Star Charter Suite Owner 51…" the computer announcer revealed.

"Congratulations Doc, on the prize-winning head you just corralled. Shall I feed the crib cam to your interface for you to be able to watch your new property?" Lola inquired.

Yes, but cutoff everyone else’s access to her…

"The live feed to the crib cannot be denied to the suite owner. All others have been denied access…"

What’s her name?


No…my prize in the crib…

"You label her with your preference. Your peak arousal is Bu…"

Stop – this girl in my arms is Bunny…the one and only. What’s the name the prize gave on her application?

"Co-ed livestock does not require documentation…"

Do you know her name or not? Wally shouted, severely aggravated with the logical interface.

"According to the sub-dermal branding around her immunity encasing, she is labelled Singer Dinah. Do you wish to have her continue performing?"


Wally started shuddering again…I think he’s crying. I would join him, if I could.

Dinah Lynn is new on this twisted market and hasn’t been sexually assaulted by anyone yet. And she won’t be by anyone, either!

"Next on the auctioning block…Prize-Winning head, Lot M…gentlemen select your preference…the majority rules on Stage Experience Y…gallery maintain your seats for the duration as the bidding war begins with a minimum opening of $700,000…the auctioning will commence in two minutes," the main computer voice announced.

Wally’s heart is racing.

Dinah is staring into the camera and it’s giving me the creeps… he told me.

"The ‘creeps’ does not pique your male arousal. I have turned your livestock to a more suitable position," Lola said.

"That’s actually helpful…now, stop talking and ignore my conversation until the auction starts.

"Bunny, I feel like I should apologize for guys everywhere. I swear…we’re not all like this. Most of us wouldn’t even think of something like this, in fact. If this is what insane wealth does to a dude, I’m telling those NFL scouts to shove their cards and going home to my M&M to be a Sculptor. What’s going on here is making me sick…more than sick, but I’m not good thinking up smutty, nasty adjectives. That’s saying something because I live in a frat house full of jocks.

Miss October is coming down. I know she got paid and was willing to model…but, it feels like she’s being exploited, anyway. All I…

"The auction begins in one minute…"

All I have to do is keep hitting the manual bid button and press ignore" on the interface. The perverts in this building are motivated. But, none of them play for my coach – whose only reason to breathe is winning. He lives on a cot in the locker room during the season. I’m serious. When we lose, we pay until we give him another reason to breathe. That Wopping-whistle incident cost us an all-nighter practice, wearing skirts and calling each other Sissy-Merries. That didn’t break me. In fact, I threw more touchdowns during our games since, than I have all year. I don’t know the meaning of defeat.

"So, they have no idea just how motivated the LVU quarterback can be, even when the odds are stacked against him. I pulled out a Hail Mary with three seconds on the clock and nailed it like the receiver was only an arm’s length away.

Okay Baxter, you can do this! Focus on her face…and visualize…




I’ll win her…




Winning her…


I’ll win…

My mind tried to brace for the incoming agony, but this time would be different. Wally kept smacking the bid button. However, he evidently couldn’t take watching the selected viewing experience for more than twenty bids.

Okay, that’s finished!

"The livestock has not finished sti…"

I’m not saying she’s finished…I’m finished watching that…her…what she’s doing, Wally informed Lola.

"Would you prefer your borrowed livestock to give you Stage Ex…"

I prefer you don’t guess. I’ll tell you…I want you to pound on the senator’s invisible shield, get him to stop whatever he’s doing in there and tell him that I need his attention, now! he exclaimed.

Do you need me to service… the senator lewdly tried to suggest as he opened his shield.

Shut up! Don’t you guess, either! I need politics…POL…O…TICS, right now! And, keep that barrier of yours at half-mast like I’m doing…

"You want to talk politics, during this Y auction performance display??"

"It’s now or never. I’m looking to pocket a president through financing. I’ve got friends in high places that are just waiting to bankroll on my word. The goods and services being offered in this club are for my Sexy Bunny. I didn’t ask for this invite for myself. I didn’t even know she wanted to come here, until this evening. She found out about the pets and demanded the playmates. That’s what she wants…and, I’m going to give them to her.

I told you once she was entertained, we’d talk business. You know what she wants and I can get them without watching the displays, right? Wally inquired and I felt him cross his fingers.

Certainly…I can keep my suite monitor on Zone-Strike. If it appears we might be losing an auction, the system will alert us, he responded.

"Bunny’s taken care of. But, I want a president on my speed-dial. And, one that’s ready to be open and friendly to my suggestions. You wanna be in that Oval Office, well here are my terms. I know you’re not wearing a hidden wire and you know I’m not either. But, I also want a guarantee that this meeting will be kept confidential and this area is secure. We keep bidding on everything for Bunny. She can sort through them at her leisure or play with them all together.

"The only thing you can touch is yours or my Whipping Boy’s bidding Icon while our shields are open. We discuss politics – no webcam feed diversions, no peeks at livestock demonstrations and your crib cam stays off. It makes me nervous thinking about a pack of strangers watching something going on behind my back. I’m leaving that pet face down and sleeping.

I’ve got a limited attention span. When Bunny wakes up… Wally said.

"Pardon the interruption, but you don’t have to miss the displays or miss out on anything. I can keep her in that state for a number of hours…

"Interface, unlock the authority for central disengagement control. How long can the winter’s lull be directed to my guest’s property?"

"‘Winter’s lull’ can be directed in the green for another fourteen hours. This provides each Elite Charter with the number of minutes required for sharing breeders and to receive suitable male returns…"

See, plenty of time to talk politics and… the senator attempted to state and Wally interrupted him.

"Make sure you’re bidding for both lines and listen. Little G. and my other party guests are waiting. My time for business is typically limited to a couple of hours during the day, once or maybe, twice a week. The rest, I spend playing games. My Hot Bunny demands most of my attention and I give it to her. You have no idea what she does for me. I’ve got plenty of bank and plenty of politicians to select from.

So we can watch action in the crib or that freak show happening on the stage or discuss your future. I don’t want my Bunny kept under even one second longer than necessary. When she wakes up, our business meeting is concluded. My money goes right back into her hands to do with what she wants. So, now is all you’ve got. What’ll it be? Wally asked him.

Of course, I’m at your service to discuss politics. Let me tell you about my proposed presidential platform. If you hear something you don’t like, stop me and allow me to come around to the right way of thinking…your way…

The senator launched into a speech. And, Wally Baxter shocked me to my core by debating the finer points with him. Sure enough, the senator came around to his way of thinking. Then, my bodyguard further astounded me by offering his views on the Electoral College…the restrictive spending limits imposed for campaign contributions…ways to get around those limits…and how the current political parties differ on taxation and kickback votes for offshore, American industries.

Wally Baxter sounds like a skilled political advisor!!

Lyle won the second auction by proxy.

Hold that thought…do I need to buy your son to get that merchandise for my Sexy Bunny? Wally asked, interrupting his political discussion.

No, all the livestock we acquire tonight belongs to you. Just touch the exclusive lender Icon and our turns permanently revert to you. There ya’ go. Does that take care of your concern? the senator asked and Wally must have done something to indicate that it did.

Good. Mind if I get back to the topic of political campaign contributions? the senator inquired.

They spent the next two auctions talking like old political bedfellows, punching their bidding buttons and winning.

Wally was starting to relax. He was combing his fingers through my hair and rubbing my back in slow, random motions while he was talking to the senator. Although his hand did glide across my bra straps, he stayed well away from any of my private areas.

I was still freezing internally. But all-in-all, I am reasonably comfortable, safe, modestly covered and getting a backrub.

Four straight wins and everything was smooth sailing. The worst problem we faced right before the bidding opened on the fifth auction was how to stack the winning lends inside a crib that’s only meant for four warm bodies.

The senator asked Lola how to remedy that potential problem.

"Option one…all livestock lends can be stacked inside the confines of the suite crib. Should the live body count exceed the four already lounging, there is an 80% probability of the lower level contents receiving mild to moderate damage. The risk of property damage will be reduced to less than 19% if ‘winter’s lull’ is employed before stacking. The use of ‘winter’s lull’ on GZE merchandise requires a per-head, up-charge and a keyed management override authorization code.

"Option two…Retentioning Vessels can be utilized for temporary storage. The vessels have a limit of six heads. A keyed management override authorization code is also required for this storage option. The established fee must be collected before the vessels will go live. The fee schedule is posted and can be viewed by pressing this Icon.

"Please see a guest service’s specialist during intermission for appropriate authorization and payment. Those two options are the only acceptable storage choices during the live auctioning phase," Lola revealed.

Once again, I stupidly thought we had real ducks and they were lining up, nicely.

Watching turtles race around a track is more interesting than listening to people talk politics. So, before long my mind started drifting inside my wintery prison. It would feel so blissful…to let go of reality…

Wally isn’t in jeopardy anymore…he can handle this.

The icy wonderland is calling…I can just rest…

An Arctic blast seized me and I almost surrendered to it. But, Zander’s essence would have no part of letting me get swept away. The rings seemed to spark and sizzle, rousing me and holding me in the present.

Then, the opening bell sounded…auction number five would come upon us…

And, what I thought was real would end up being nothing more than smoke and mirrors I fabricated to hide a warzone.

Chapter Four

Zone-Strike activated…outbid by number 15…outbid 46…outbid 98… Lola stated, rattling off numbers faster than I could keep up with.

What’s happening?? Wally shouted and it felt like he was pounding on the bid button.

"The Zone-Strike initiated by…"

I know who initiated it! Senator, what’s happening??

Spirited leveling…who authorized it?? Lyle’s dad answered Wally and yelled the question at Lola.

"The House reserves the right to institute Spirited Leveling during any auction, at their discretion. Charter code…"

Never mind the Charter code! I want a name or a security number for the person who authorized this. Gold Star Status… the senator shouted and Lola interrupted him for a change.

"Gold Star Status livestock limitations were met with the third head…resuming Zone-Strike…outbid by number 387…outbid 399…outbid 408…" Lola reported and kept on listing people who were outbidding them.

The adrenaline was threatening to overwhelm me and still, I was helpless to stop it.

"Bidder 645…offers 1.88 million dollars…"

Offer 3 million! Wally exclaimed.

I’m trying! Our line was being delayed, but now it’s closed… he responded in a panic.

The buttons aren’t working! Stop pounding on them and fix this…now... Wally ordered.

"Bidder 645…final offer of 1.88 million, rests…going once…" the main system informed us.

Interface, Gold suite registry override…where’s the code?? I can’t…

"Override code is located on page 226 in the Sterling Manual…" Lola stated.

"Going twice…for auction conclusion…" the main system announced.

Override…542575… the senator shouted.

"Override accepted…" Lola revealed.

"Override measure has been instituted Gold Star Suite 51…auctioning to resume…the current bid 646 is 3 million dollars on an override…" the main system informed the others.

Lola stopped issuing warnings. Wally was feverishly pressing the button.

Stop typing on the screen and press both lines… Wally commanded.

I have to hard-key in the code sequence for authentication or the system will shut us out again… he replied, hurriedly.

Well, do it faster and then, explain what happened and what’s going on…

"Zone-Strike…outbid by…recall…outbid…recall…"

Make her shut up! This isn’t helpful…

"Interface, cancel Zone-Strike!

Doc, let it light up before you press it…see, you just outbid the suite…wasting five thou…

Waste it!! I don’t care…Bunny loves blondes and redheads…topple our competition…I mean it! I want them both! The house upped our bid and I’m not going to lose to anyone…

You just raised the house…that bid you offered is 7 million dollars!

I don’t lose! I won’t lose! This petty-ante bidder raise of $25,000 a pop is taking too much of my time… Wally revealed, sounding casual and sweating profusely.

No one is going to match that! They’re yours! You’re making my suite legendary. You need to realize though, that I used my one-time override code for you…

Don’t worry you’ll get paid back. I don’t forget anything…especially the favors you’ve shown me tonight…

It appears… the senator started to say something, but the centralized computer was going to make an announcement.

"Gentlemen, tonight’s first round has an undisputed victor. Gold Status has been exhausted for the unchallenged Suite Charter 51 for successfully outbidding and winning the lend for all four Prize-Heads. This is an unprecedented achievement. Platinum Status has been achieved and one additional round marker will be issued.

"Current, Silver Status Level Suite Charters please direct your interest for Gold Star Slotting 51 to Charter Services.

"The gallery will be closing for a Housekeeping Interlude. The lobby is now open for vending and Bull Pen lending is also available to all level Suite Owners for a fee…"

Wally and the senator had stopped talking during the announcement.

You just earned me, Platinum Level! This calls for a celebration… Lyle’s dad declared.

Forget partying…either, explain what’s happening or…

I’ll explain…sorry. Your astronomical bid raised me to the Upper Elitist Rank. That won’t mean much to you. But, here’s something that will. We get another marker…which means, we get to bid on one more head…

What do you mean one more?? I want all of them… Wally stated.

"We exceeded our lending limit. That tip you paid to the monkey at the switch, evidently got us in the auction for an extra head. My override code got us one more. That’s how you got those last two heads.

"Now, we’re getting a freebie. The house won’t raise the number of livestock again. They will be single heads until the end. I can use my new override code with Platinum to get an extra playmate for your Bunny…or, at least I think I can.

The Charter relations specialist will come in to get my signature. You can ask the man, for yourself. If they let me use it, that’s seven head of livestock!

But I… was all Wally got out before the specialist entered the suite.

Senator, well done…here is your new packet and contract. Your luxury skybox will be ready by morning…the assignments on those are hailed in double letters. Your skybox call letters are WC… the specialist offered.

Great…um, I would like to up my lending limit… the senator stated.

Lending increases are decided on a monthly basis. I will submit your request, posthaste. I have been authorized to offer you the free round marker for a selection at your next auction, in addition to three free round markers…

He’s declining any exchange that involves giving up something tonight. Is there anything he can do to participate in more than one additional round through this auction? Wally inquired, nervously.

Answer my guest’s question… the senator directed the specialist.

It will be my pleasure to obtain an authorization for the senator to exhaust his new Override Code. The interface will bring it up on the fourth and final round…

What about the next two rounds?? Wally questioned.

You have one bidding round, offered as a consolation. It can be used for either session… the specialist responded, trying to sound accommodating.

The pre-authorization to relinquish this suite is signed…is that all before I leave? the senator asked.

The management is extending this intermission by fifteen minutes to provide you and your winning guest with time to inventory your merchandise. Enjoy and congratulations…good show, Sir…

Guess I’ll have to choose, wisely… Wally said, sarcastically.

"Yes, but no man has ever walked out with as many lends as you will. This suite will be renowned…a plaque with my name will be hanging on the door and I can have them include yours as well.

"Sitting out a few auctions will give us more time to discuss politics, anyway. I’m sure you must need to get up and stretch. And, I need to hit the john before I excuse myself to the lobby. I have a few more items to sign and need to have a scan to access the top floor elevator.

"Don’t forget to slide out from underneath her, tuck her arms under her body and close the shielding if you step away. The air is set for winter’s lull. If you want to make her more comfortable while you’re gone, lay her out flat. I’ve seen women with SizZle badges. Those are bruises they get from being on their knees for too long…