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You’re the Guy with Parkinson’s

Length: 137 pages1 hour


This journal is about the author's 42 day walk in Spain along the Camino Frances. It describes the scenery, some historical sightings, personal relationships and experiences of the author who has Parkinson’s Disease. Each day's experience is complemented by a metaphor, a photo, and a sonnet. The author shares his new learnings and insights through the metaphor, while offering a photographic and poetic glimpse of the journey. The poem itself endeavours to translate a feeling - a thought - a scene, relating to the Camino.

These writings grew out of a desire to understand, and therefore make some sense of, the author's diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease. They are also very much about the Camino in Northern Spain, a path of pilgrimage, adventure and challenge, which provided an exciting opportunity to bring new learnings together in a practical way.

Living with Parkinson’s has been a journey in itself. It required: special exercises and the Nordic walking technique to keep all body parts moving when they didn’t want to; learning to write poetry when the mind wanted to seek more restful places; reading and talking aloud when the voice simply wanted to fade away; taking time in writing this small book as the fingers silently protested on the keyboard.

It is the author's wish that this book may raise some money to help find a cure, and prove useful, even in some tiny way, for others living with Parkinson's ... and for anyone who may want to view the Camino in a different way.

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