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Incubating Chicken Eggs: A Guide to Hatching Your Own Chickens

Length: 40 pages14 minutes


Hatching chicks is very rewarding and not difficult but there is a need to pay attention to details. Incubating Chickens gives all the detail needed to a successful hatch. Humidity and temperature are critical. There are three ways to measure humidity and you need to know which method your incubator uses to be able to read the results correctly.

In this book you will learn
o - how to set and monitor the incubation temperature
o - what to expect if the temperature is a little too warm or a little too cool
o - how to evaluate eggs that do not hatch.
o - how to select eggs for hatching
o - how to manage baby chicks right after hatching
o - what equipment you will need and how to use it
... and Wow! so much more.
If there are little chickies in your future, this is the handbook you need.

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