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The Epistles of Titus, Philemon and Hebrews

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This is a devotional commentary on the Epistles of Paul to Titus, Philemon and the Hebrews.

Titus was a Gentile co-worker with Paul and Barnabas. He ministered with them in the region of Corinth and was a very enthusiastic worker for the gospel. Paul wrote to Titus in Crete, and island in the Mediterranean Sea to instruct him in some practical matters concerning the church in that region and to challenge Titus to deal with some individuals who had not matured in their personal faith in Christ.

Philemon was a believing slave owner whose slave Onesimus had escaped. During the time of his escape, Onesimus came to know the Lord. Paul was sending him back to Philemon. In this letter, Paul instructs Philemon to treat this slave now as a brother and offers to pay for any personal loss Philemon had suffered as a result of this escape.

The book of Hebrews was written to teach Jewish converts to Christianity the difference between the Jewish faith and their newfound faith in Jesus Christ. Many of these believers had not grown in their faith. The letter points the Hebrews to how Christ fulfilled the Law. It challenges each believer to perseverance despite the struggles that were facing them at this time.

Each chapter of this commentary is concluded with some questions to consider and some points for prayer to help the reader apply the teaching of each passage to his or her personal life.

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