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Dominique's Dilemma (A Curiosity Chronicles Short)

Length: 93 pages1 hour


A romantic steampunk short story of nighttime hunts, macarons and mechanical menaces, set in the Curiosity Chronicles world.

France, 1839: Dominique is enjoying life again in her quiet village after completing her mission as an undercover industrial spy. She also likes that her newfound love, foreign agent Colton, set up his engineering trade in the village, a clear indication of his desire to be close to her and make France his home. However, her family must learn his true identity soon if she and Colton ever plan on spending their lives together. But just as she's about to tell them she's in love with a British man, news spreads of a strange menace terrorizing travelers in the woods outside the village. It's up to Dominique and Colton to get to the bottom of the animalistic attacks if they want to preserve the life they've only just begun to make.

Note: Although the plot of this story is self-contained, it references events and follows the characters Dominique and Colton from The Industrial Spy (Curiosity Chronicles, #3). 22,346 words.

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