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Sugar Addiction: 31 tips and tricks WITH BONUS METHOD to Break Sugar Addiction for Life (Sugar Addict? Beat Sugar Addiction NOW)

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Sugar Addiction: 31 tips and tricks WITH BONUS METHOD to Break Sugar Addiction for Life (Sugar addict? Beat Sugar addiction NOW)

Sugar addiction is just like any other addiction and can be even more difficult to dispel due to the fact that humans are naturally inclined to love sweet tasting food. In fact, it is said that an addiction to sugar can be as addictive as heroin drugs. And the sheer abundance of it everywhere presents too many tempting opportunities to lose control and indulge. 

There are no rehabilitation facilities for sugar addicts, most people do not even recognize it as a real problem and often refer to it as simply having a sweet tooth. But in reality, many people suffer from it without being aware of it. Sugar addiction or over dependence on all foods containing any form of sugar leads to a lot of health problem, with obesity being one of the most common and diabetes, one of the leading causes of mortality in the world.

In this book, you will discover:

How to battle with sugar addiction in a systematic, scientific, healthy and even fun manner. You will take matters into your own hands and take the necessary steps to taking care of your health.

We have provided a variety of methods to fit a variety of people!

There are tips on having the proper mindset, dietary planning, lifestyle changes, dealing with withdrawal symptoms AND MORE!

As well as:

- Break Sugar Addiction using our fun and effective bonus game

- Sugar Detox: Learn a simple method to rid your body of toxins

- Sugar Addict? Know the difference and whether you are truly Addicted to Sugar or not

- Overcoming Sugar Addiction with a few weird tips and tricks


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