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The Chronicles of The Black Fist

Length: 190 pages2 hours


Enter the world of Nyerere Lewis, born and raised in New Washington City.  The son of beloved local activists, his world is rocked when they are murdered by the police in a raid, and a race riot sweeps through the city in the aftermath...

    20 years later, Nyerere has grown up, and the city is still plagued with addiction, corruption, criminality, and complacency.  Nyerere wants nothing to do with reviving the community, feeling that the people betrayed his parents' dreams of upliftment.  But...with the slaying of a former mentee of his, he feels that he can no longer stay on the sidelines, and do nothing.  He dons the revolutionary colors, and reeks havoc on all those who would harm the city, crinimal or corrupt cop alike...

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