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The Empress & the Maid

Length: 29 pages22 minutes


All those nights, lying awake and thinking of Ysolde, never daring to imagine this. She had hidden her desire even from herself, imagining Ysolde’s mouth but never, never, those lips pressed against hers; imagining Ysolde’s graceful hands, but never those fingers sliding up between her legs.


Aurelie has worshipped Ysolde since they first met. Ysolde is beautiful, elegant, everything Aurelie wants. There’s just one problem: Ysolde is the Empress of all Ytherea, and Aurelie is only a maid in waiting. Ysolde must make a marriage worthy of the throne, and Aurelie resolves to stand aside, and never show her desire.

But tonight the eve of the new year, when all is possible and nothing is forbidden...


Warning: “The Empress & the Maid” is an erotic short story intended for mature audiences only, with explicit sexual content, including light D/s and FFM. Read on if you enjoy sizzling hot, character-driven fantasy!

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