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Quickstart Paleo: The Diet That Heals

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Quickstart Paleo will show you the diet that heals. Also known as the Stone Age diet, the Paleo diet focuses on high-protein meals and removes all processed foods. Quickstart Paleo will show you a Paleo lifestyle to lose weight and increase your energy level. With Quickstart Paleo, start a new life as you decrease your odds of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and many other modern health illnesses.

Quickstart Paleo is a concise guide to start a Paleo lifestyle in a straightforward, easy-to-read format. Set yourself up for success with the list of Paleo-recommended foods. Enjoy Paleo-friendly versions of recipes for every meal. Recipes include Mustard Beef Chops, Stewed Chicken and vegetables, Summer Fresh Fruit Salad
and other licps-smacking recipes for a new YOU !

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